The pandemic has forced the transformation of HR work processes

87% of companies have had to transform their work processes due to the pandemic. The most important changes have been the integration of digitization into their processes and the adoption of new ways of working.

This is reflected in a report prepared by Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership and CANVAS Sustainable Strategies. He warns that the pandemic has forced its professionals to adapt their work models.

To carry out the study, 500 executives and professionals were interviewed and data was collected from more than 400 external sources and more than 15,000 conversation threads in digital ecosystems. According to the results obtained, we see that communication tools, with 64%, products and services, with 53% and risk management, with 38%, were the three areas of activity where the effects of Covid-19 have been noticed the most. .

As a result, more than half of the professionals consulted, or 52%, believe that the first thing to focus on in order to adapt organizations to the future of work is talent management and innovation.

The CEO of Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership, ngel Alloza, ensures that in the new professional context “the purpose of the work, the quality of the relationship with the teams, their attention and the management of their commitment, aspects which more than ever determine the reputation of an organization.

However, and although more than half of employees consider that talent management and training should be improved, between 41% and 47% of those questioned consider that it is also necessary to work on the integration of new agile methodologies, the digitalization of management processes, flexible hours and work-life balance, as well as the health and well-being of employees.

In addition, due to the size of the companies, the big ones want to prioritize the flexibility of time, while in the small ones the emphasis is more on talent, training and new agile methodologies.

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