“The pandemic is developing for the worse in our country and difficult weeks are coming”

Updated: Friday, January 8, 2021 11:54 AM

Published on: 08.01.2021 11:45

The evolution of the pandemic “is worrying”, said the Minister of Health, during his appearance this Friday after the follow-up meeting of COVID-19, the first after the Christmas holidays.

“The evolution of the pandemic has bad data. It is changing for the worse,” admitted Salvador Illa. According to their data, the cumulative incidence at 14 is 321 cases per 100,000. It has been growing in recent weeks. The pressure is 12% for hospitalization and the ICU 24%. The positivity is at 13.48% “s.

He explained that most of the Autonomous Communities have already taken measures based on the strategy approved in October. “This strategy will allow us to stop this increase in cases and I appreciate the measures of the CCAA”, and called on the population to reduce mobility and reduce contacts: “These are the key levers to bend the curve” .

“Cases will continue to grow, tough weeks come, with increased pressure, positivity. It is important to reduce mobility and contact. In addition to enforcing and strictly following CCAA measures. If we do that, we will stabilize again … over a time horizon. ”

He insisted that “complicated” weeks are coming and that we must “be aware”. He recalled the measures applied at Christmas, he said that they were “drastic measures in line with our European partners. It is a very delicate period. The citizens have made an important effort, but indeed, we are assisting. to an increase. Now we need to reduce mobility and contact as much as possible, as we did in Wave 2. Tricky weeks are coming. “

“There was a second wave response strategy and that’s the one that works and the one we will continue to apply. We have a state of alert in effect until May 9, which allows the CCAA to make the decisions it considers. They made it possible to overcome the second wave. vague and they will also do it now because they are already taking action ”, repeated the Minister.

Over two million cases

The Ministry of Health added this Thursday in the daily update of data on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain 42,360 new COVID-19 infections. Of these cumulative cases, 6,498 were recorded on the last day. In addition, Health has added 245 new deaths from the disease since January 5.

Since the start of the pandemic in Spain, more than two million people have already been confirmed with coronavirus (2,024,904 in total), while the number of people who have died from the disease during these months stands at 51,675 .

These new data represent an increase in the accumulated incidence of the last 14 days, which stands at 321 cases per 100,000 population. In addition, there are eight communities with an AI of over 300 cases and Extremadura (716), the Balearic Islands (529), Madrid (452) and Catalonia have an incidence of over 400 cases.

In addition, the increase is starting to be noticed in the number of hospitalizations, with 1,651 new admissions on the last day and nearly 24% of ICU beds occupied by COVID-19 patients. The communities with the worst data, which exceed 30% of the intensive care occupation, are the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Madrid and La Rioja.

The percentage of positive diagnostic tests is also increasing, which worries health authorities, as recognized by María José Sierra, zone director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies. The number of positive diagnostic tests is 13.3%, while a few weeks ago it was 7%.

“We remain concerned about the growing trend of the last few days and weeks. It will increase and tough days and weeks will come,” said Sierra, who referred to the fact that we may soon see the effects of Christmas on the numbers.

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