The pay gap between men and women exceeds 20% in management and CEO positions

Assuming that situations of gender inequality are expected to start to change, there is still a long way to go to achieve full equality between men and women in the workplace. For this reason, Factorial, human resources software, has prepared a report on the state and evolution of the wage gap in Spain, and the presence of women in jobs with more responsibility and decision-making capacity.

The female presence in the workplace continues to be weaker

On a sample of 8,445 companies, an imbalance was observed in terms of the number of male and female workers, the figure being 23,241 for women and 29,828 for the number of men. According to technology, this means that the female presence in the world of work is still lower than that of men, at 44% and 56% respectively.

Salary scales and number of women

The figures are very expressive in terms of the salary range between men and women. And it is that, although the women in the sample do the same work as the men, they do not charge the same. From technology, they show some examples:

With salaries of 20,000 to 30,000 euros, there are 5,138 workers and 6,513 workers. With salaries of 50,000 to 60,000 euros, there are 460 workers and 1,284 workers. With salaries of 110,000 to 120,000 euros, there are 32 workers and 100 workers. With a salary of 170,000 euros, there are 21 workers and 47 workers.

However, with salaries of 10,000 to 20,000 euros, there are 8,859 women and 8,507 men. And with salaries below 10,000 euros, there are 3,392 workers and 3,017 workers.

On the basis of these figures, it is concluded that only for salaries of 10,000 euros and less than 10,000 euros, the presence of women is greater than that of men.

Typology. Jobs

Regarding the types of jobs, the same report reveals these data:

CEO positions. There are 141 women and 981 men. Department director positions. There are 2406 men and 2022 women. Senior positions. There are 540 women and 1647 men. Managerial positions. There are 4,082 women and 4,107 men. Junior positions. There are 615 women and 909 men. Assistant positions. There are 1,168 women and 647 men. Internship or scholarship contract. There are 862 women and 668 men.

These figures show that, for departmental or team management positions, the presence of women is greater than in previous years and the gender difference in this example of positions is much smaller. “However, this difference in salary remains very noticeable in senior management and CEO positions, where female workers represent only 21.4% and 12.5%, respectively,” they add from Factorial.

Salary scales (no variable) for the same jobs

From Factorial, they also analyzed the salary scales (without variable) for the same position, with the aim of showing the difference between men and women in equal positions.

In CEO positions, the average salary of women is € 43,548 and that of men is € 54,597. For the positions of department director, the average salary of women is € 44,515 and that of men is € 53,720. In management positions, the average salary of women is 41,044 euros and that of men is 45,384 euros. In managerial positions, the average salary of women is € 35,091 and that of men is € 40,436. In junior positions, the average salary for women is € 21,737 and that of men is € 26,408.

These data conclude that in CEO positions the pay gap is 20% and in department director positions it is 17%. In senior positions it is 10%, in managerial positions it is 13% and in junior positions it is 18%.

Currently, Factorial, which is already starting to be operational in new sectors such as catering, industry and construction and which has developed in particular in Spain, France and Mexico, already has more than 2,000 customers in 60 countries. .

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