“The Pazo belongs to the people, Francoism never again”

Posted: Thursday December 10 2020 12:29 PM

Dozens of demonstrators gathered this Thursday near the Pazo de Meirás just the day the keys are handed over to the general administration of the state by the Franco, who cease to own the enclave.

“The pazo belongs to the people, Francoism never again”, exclaimed in Galician the participants in the demonstration, the BNG militants, who carried a large banner asking the Franks to “return what was stolen” and with letters nailed to the grass of Torres de las Meirás claims popular ownership.

This Thursday, there is the symbolic handing over of the keys to the Attorney General of the State who will come in representation, although the Franco have already handed them over to the court in La Coruña and today they will not be in Meirás. Inspectors from the Xunta de Galicia also came to verify that the dictator’s family did not take any property in the inventories.

Despite the fact that the Franks have voluntarily accepted the execution of the sentence, the magistrate warned them that “if they do not deliver on the day and at the time indicated, the goods will be immediately expelled by the same act”.

82 years in the hands of Franco

The Pazo de Meirás will become public property this Thursday 82 years after being handed over to the dictator and 45 years after his death.

It will, of course, be temporarily awaiting a final judgment, which will take place once all possible legal remedies have been exhausted. The Franco family has already presented a case against the decision of the court of first instance before the provincial court of La Coruña.

The judgment condemns the dictator’s heirs to return the property without being compensated for the expenses they claimed to have incurred in maintaining the property.

According to the magistrate Marta Canales, the judgment declares the nullity of the donation made in 1938 of “the farm called Torres or pazo de Meirás to the self-proclaimed Head of State, Francisco Franco Bahamonde, for lack of the essential formal requirement”.

In his decision, he maintains that this donation is not made to Franco in a personal capacity, as the lawyers of the family have maintained, “but to the head of state”. Further, he concluded that the May 1941 purchase and sale was a “sham” which determined its nullity, while also declaring the donation which is included in a November 1982 deed null and void.

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