The PC market has experienced its strongest growth in 10 years

There has been talk of the post-CP era for some time, but it seems that the predictions that spoke of CP’s death 10 years ago were wrong. Perhaps they did not count on the pandemic which now hangs over our heads. This drove sales to their strongest growth in the last decade.

Market research firm Canalys reported that PC sales reached 297 million units in 2020. An impressive 11% increase from 2019. IDC estimates that 302 million PCs are sold, down from 13 , 1 percent more year on year. Gartner also agrees that 2020 has been a great year for PCs and the biggest growth we’ve seen since 2010.

PC sales are booming due to demand related to COVID-19. Supply constraints made it difficult to purchase a new laptop computer in the middle of the year, and demand continued throughout 2020. “Demand is driving the PC market and all signs indicate that this wave still has a way to go. walk around, ”says Ryan Reith of IDC. While home work and distance learning have been big drivers, people are also turning to PCs and laptops for entertainment.

The PC market is growing like over ten years ago

There were other signs throughout 2020 that PC shipments were increasing. Microsoft said “the PC is back” at the start of the pandemic. In addition, the company also saw a huge increase in the use of Windows and reported that Windows 10 has reached 1 billion users. Microsoft has also adjusted its Windows 10X plans due to the pandemic and increased demand for PCs. Windows 0X was originally supposed to be released on dual-screen devices, but Microsoft now plans to launch the operating system variant on single-screen portable devices first.

PCs have been instrumental in rapidly digitizing businesses or enabling workers to continue remotely in 2020. “The digital transformation the world embarked on last year is unparalleled, and PCs were at the heart of it. change, ”says Rushabh Doshi, Canalys research director. “It’s going to be extremely difficult to cancel the PC like some of us did a few years ago. PCs are here to stay. “

Canalys and IDC agree that Lenovo was the number one PC supplier in 2020, followed by HP in second place and Dell in third place. Apple has also seen impressive sales growth of 17%, according to Canalys, or up to 29% according to IDC estimates.

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