The percentage of Spaniards ready to be vaccinated against the coronavirus immediately drops from 32.5% to 40.5%

Posted: Monday December 21 2020 13:22

The percentage of Spaniards who would be ready to be vaccinated against the coronavirus immediately has fallen from 32.5% to 40.5% in the past three weeks. This is indicated in the latest barometer published by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), which places the percentage of Spaniards who would not be vaccinated at 28%.

Moreover, according to this report, 16.2% of the people questioned would be vaccinated immediately only if they have guarantees; 3.6% would do so on the advice of authorities or health workers; 3.2%, if the information is sufficient and 0.6%, depending on the origin of the vaccine.

Some data that have been slightly modified in recent weeks. According to the poll released on December 4, 55.2% would prefer to wait to know the effects of the vaccine before getting vaccinated, while 8.4% are in no way willing to be vaccinated.

This report was prepared between December 1 and 9. So we didn’t know that Spain will start vaccinating next Sunday, December 27. Yes, January was already planned to start the vaccination campaign among the groups at risk.

Regarding the concern about the coronavirus pandemic, 52.2% of those questioned say they are very worried and 41.3% rather. Only 3.7% replied that they were not very worried and 1.3% said they were not at all concerned.

Specifically, 40.3% indicated that what worried them the most were the health effects; while 22% are more concerned about the effects on the economy and employment. 36.9% indicated that the two issues represent the same concern.

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