“The pity is that we can’t stay to bust it”


Publication: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 2:12 AM

The lights, the scaffolding, the balcony and the T-shirts with the face of Isabel Díaz Ayuso that painted the Genoa headquarters everywhere predicted that on the night of this 4M the most popular would have fun. For the first time in years, they faced an election with joy that flowed in such a way that it was impossible to contain it. Although they tried.

In the first moments of the afternoon, the eyes, squatting behind the masks, revealed the smiles to the left and to the right of the People’s Party positions themselves. They knew they were successful, but always tried to control the euphoria. “It paints well,” they all laughed. But they didn’t know it would be that long.

It was a matter of minutes. The dj placed in front of the national headquarters of the party – and which also houses the PP house in Madrid – had played songs to warm up an environment which was already boiling and which touched ecstasy when, ten minutes after ten in the evening, Isabel Díaz Ayuso , accompanied by Pablo Casado, appeared on the balcony of Genoa. The street roars.

I help the microphone

What were previously songs of Latin rhythms or the most current Spanish pop, passed in the air of the formation. The first part of the show was the president himself, as the star was more than clear. And that was confirmed as soon as he took the microphone.

“Hope the taverns had a good day,” Ayuso blinked.

“The Sanchismo does not enter Madrid because it cannot be led, it cannot be controlled, it cannot be imposed,” said Ayuso. “Freedom implies that a person can start from zero a thousand times. This is freedom, what he wanted to take away from us.”

Ayuso began her speech and races took place in the streets around Genoa to try, by all means, to see her in the flesh. She did not disappoint. “Hope you taverns had a good day,” he winked. “I don’t know how to speak for everyone, just like you can’t just shut it all up and say: here you have a payment.”

The festival of freedom

Freedom, freedom and more freedom. When the PP leader in Madrid took a second between sentence and sentence, her audience took the opportunity to chant this slogan, repeated until the cartoon in the last 56 days, but which continues to dazzle hers. There was the demonstration in the flesh. The younger ones felt they were at a party, and that’s how they commented it among themselves: “It’s a shame we can’t stay and have a blast”, they lamented .

Faced with a mass almost to nirvana, the police moved away

But they had Ayuso in front of them, mentioning whatever they wanted to hear, and the sorrows were forgotten. “Spain is something else. Spain begins in Madrid, and when we say that Madrid is Spain, it is because here comes the best from all corners of the world to live in peace. and in freedom, ”smiled the president of the Community of Madrid and the most voted candidate in these elections, for a long time.

The security perimeter has been forgotten. The chairs prepared for the assistants to keep their distance too. The police cordon – a few short fences – did not do much, and the agents, who retreated to the Zurbano Street side, surrendered to the evidence: the mass, close to nirvana, did not could not be stopped.

“If I find out, I comb my hair”

This is the first Pyrrhic victory of the Casado era. At least, that it was possible to live in his seat, beyond the absolute majority of Feijoó. Pablo Casado has not been forgotten and he took the opportunity to let go, on the side, in his speech and, incidentally, remember that two years ago criticism rained on him for having placed Ayuso at the head of the electoral ticket of the Community of Madrid. . She, who at the time was only his loyal friend and communication secretary of the party at the regional level.

The citizens wanted Ayuso, they wanted to see her, they wanted to be able to say something to her and hopefully get a photo that was pretty close.

“Only two years ago, there were very few of us here, but all of Madrid have known the courage, closeness and humility of Isabel to throw themselves behind the problems of the people of Madrid”, he summarized, amidst cheers. He tried to campaign for himself and, when he spoke of “the harmony and coexistence” that his project defends at the national level, the applause died down.

No, the citizens wanted Ayuso, they wanted to see her, they wanted to be able to say something to her and, with luck, take a fairly close picture. A woman in her late fifties accompanied by a friend of the same age couldn’t help but sniff every time she sneaked into a television camera. “What a shame, please, if I had found out I would have combed a bit,” he whispered.

After Ayuso, Mecano

Most of the participants gathered in Genoa were young, but they were not alone. More women than men, although the fewest are those who have reached retirement age. All the MPs of the PP, regardless of the constituency: Ourense (Ana Vázquez), Soria (Tomás Cabezón) or Seville (Teresa Jiménez-Becerril) were celebrating, moving their hips and applauding, like the others, the victory.

García Egea asked for music and Mecano rang: “Greetings to Nacho Cano”

The masks were of all kinds – including those personalized with Madrid’s name, but they were also seen from disparate football teams, such as Athletic Bilbao – and they weren’t lost even when the first song was performed. post-speech was performed, requested by the Secretary General, Teodoro García Egea, at the DJ of the night, known as DJ Pulpo.

The chords, of course, could not be other. “Make-up,” from Mecano, rang first – “Greetings to Nacho Cano. Mecano above ”, the dj guaseó; ‘Libre’, by Nino Bravo, later – “These flags above are the hymn of freedom” -.

“We are in the middle of a pandemic”

When the lights were out, it was 10:48 p.m. and the downtime until curfew was starting to go out very quickly. The protagonists left the balcony, the one that had not taken advantage of the path this Tuesday for years, and the proclamations began at the foot of the street.

“Oa, oa, oa, married to the Moncloa”, “Ote, ote, ote, the communist who does not rebound” and the live in Spain took over the setlist from that moment on. The police started to dissolve and swirls formed – “How overwhelming, how horrible, I can’t,” some sighed as they tried to leave the party – but the photos didn’t stop . No one wanted to go home.

Within five minutes of the curfew, the police began to disband

Police began using whistles when it was only five minutes from the deadline. “We are going home, we are resuming. We are in the middle of a pandemic,” the officers recall, because, of course, that had been forgotten there.

The last great festival of Genoa

In Genoa, the most recalcitrant stayed until eleven o’clock in the hope of being able to see Ayuso again. Also to stretch the clock and not to end the dream. Without much luck.

The PP had retaliated against his old ghosts and that is why he decided to celebrate his victory in a big way, because who knows when they will do it again

The People’s Party retaliated against its old ghosts and that is why it decided to celebrate its victory in a big way, because who knows when they will start again. It sometimes reminded him of his best electoral appointments. But the lights, as in life, went out and came back to reality.

It was a quick end to the party, wanting more. Although, to continue the festivities, of course, he will not start again in Genoa.

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