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The essentials Since Monday, May 31, people aged 18 and over can be vaccinated without any concomitant illnesses. If the young Toulouse were not the most numerous in the vaccinodrome on that first day, the seats are full for the next few days. Report.

Vaccine for everyone! May all French people over 18 can be vaccinated without comorbidity, without having to wait for the remaining doses of the vaccination centers. The government’s vaccination schedule originally stipulated that vaccination would not be available for adults under the age of 50 until June 15.

In the queue for the Toulouse vaccination park, in Hall 8 of the former exhibition center, young people are still in the minority: “Only the most far-sighted made an appointment a few days ago so that they can be vaccinated as quickly as possible.” the beginning. Most of the 18- to 49-year-olds will be vaccinated in the coming days ”, one of the health experts slips.

Stéphane, 28, “waited impatiently” for his turn. “It was difficult to find a niche. I have wanted to be vaccinated for weeks. It is important that I participate in the collective immunity,” assures the young man.

The largest vaccination dome in France

For many young Toulouse residents, the vaccine is a ticket back to normal. David and Gaëlle, 36 and 37 years old, wanted to be vaccinated this Monday: “It’s important to be able to benefit from it. We want to celebrate again and see our friends again,” the couple smiles.

The referring doctor of the day, who preferred to remain anonymous, observed an “increase in demand”. “More and more young people are coming to get their first injection. That is obviously a good thing. The more we vaccinate, the more we guarantee this collective immunity. After that, we cannot guarantee that there will be no new wave, ”he admits.
Samu 31, responsible for vaccinations, is happy about this “clear rejuvenation in the public in the vaccinodrome”.

“Now in the vaccinodrome every second person is between 18 and 40 years old. Young people want to be vaccinated for a variety of reasons. The slots are full every day ”.

From June 7th, vaccination in Toulouse will be accelerated thanks to the opening of Hall 7, which is currently under construction. Almost 5,000 injections are given each day (compared to almost 3,000 currently). The vaccinodrome will be the largest in France.

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