The Plena Inclusin Madrid Awards recognize the effort and resilience of the associative movement in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Plena Inclusin Madrid Awards recognize the effort and resilience of the associative movement in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Plena Inclusin Madrid Awards recognize in this year’s edition the efforts of all the agents who make up the associative movement and who have been able to overcome unfavorable circumstances, in addition to launching initiatives to improve people with intellectual or social disabilities. development during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The awards were divided into four categories (professionals, volunteers, people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and family members), in which nominations were made by people who made an extraordinary effort in the face of the exceptional circumstances that were experienced. year, especially during the alarm state.

The winners were Elena Garca Martn and Raquel Zazo de Pablo, professionals from the Talismn Association; Mara Teresa Miranda Rivas, volunteer for the Ademo Foundation; Asuncin Gurado, parent of a disabled person participating in Afanias; and David Herrero Lpez, worker and volunteer with an intellectual disability at the Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation. All will receive the prizes in different events that will be held in the coming weeks before a reduced capacity and which, due to the social and health situation, will replace our usual awards gala. These acts will be a tribute to each of the groups that make up the associative movement as a whole, people without whom it would have been very difficult to maintain quality care for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Elena Garca Martn and Raquel Zazo de Pablo have been recognized for their ability to react to adapt training and leisure activities for adults with intellectual disabilities to the telematic modality of the Talismn Association, a small entity that develops its activity in rural areas, in which they managed to keep the activity going and to fight against the isolation of the participants during the detention.

Mara Teresa Miranda Rivas has fulfilled an important task for the families of the Ademo Foundation with greater financial difficulties during the worst times of the pandemic. As a volunteer, she took charge of the purchase of food for several of these families and inspired the creation of a support network which resulted in a wallet card system for the purchase of commodities. need.

Families of people with intellectual disabilities are represented at the 2020 Awards by the figure of Asuncin Gurado, who was part of a COVID-19 self-help group created to maintain ties between Afanias participants, identify families in vulnerable situations and put available resources to meet the most pressing needs. Asuncin combined this task with his personal obligations, complicated by COVID-19.

Finally, the Plena Inclusin Madrid 2020 Awards reward the work of David Herrero Lpez, who works in a support unit for the special employment center of the Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation and who has not hesitated to participate in the various initiatives of the entity. to mitigate the psychosocial effects on the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities. During the most intense months with the highest incidence of coronavirus, his parents had to enter a hospital for a while and he knew how to face these weeks of loneliness and independence with strength and resilience, becoming an example for him- even and for the people who loved him. support in their daily life.

David is part of the inclusive volunteering project for people with intellectual disabilities of Plena inclusin Espaa. In this context, he helps various groups, being a clear example of a person with an intellectual disability with high capacities under difficult circumstances, and an inspiring model for the company and its entity.

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