The policeman who was saved from death inside the burnt-out van in Barcelona is psychologically “touched”

Updated: Monday, March 1, 2021 12:26 PM

Published on: 03/01/2021 12:32

Jordi Rodríguez, spokesperson for the SAPOL union of the Barcelona Urban Guard, denounced in the Al Rojo Vivo program the physical and psychological damage suffered by this unit last weekend after the new succession of protests over the rapper’s imprisonment Pablo Do the.

Specifically, Rodríguez spoke about one of the most shocking images of the riots, in which we see how a group of radicals set fire to a police van with one of the professionals inside, who has to barely managed to get out because of the stones he received from the driver’s door.

“They are all very affected by the situation. It was a very harsh and direct attack on us, ”says the spokesperson, who reports on his partner’s situation:“ I have an intimate relationship with him, and I am aware that his physical condition is good. The psychological part is the one that is most affected. Obviously these things take their toll over time, and we follow up, ”he says. Thus, the spokesperson assured that his claim would not concern “physical injuries, but psychological”.

Criticism of political leaders

Rodríguez also insisted on the intervention that the riots have crossed the “red line” for “a long time”: “These acts of violence have not happened for the first time now: it is a growing situation. . Very dangerous limits ”. he says.

In this sense, the spokesperson for the police union considers that of the three main levels of government (the Congress, the Generalitat and the municipalities) there are political leaders who encourage violence: “There are parties that support these groups, and not only logistics and economic, but also ideological “, he indexes. And it goes even further:” Let us think that they announced that they were going to kill a policeman and that it is the trophy that they want to obtain “, he underlined with reference to radical groups, which he defines as” organizations whose path of life is anarchy and violence “.

Along with this, Rodríguez also criticized the stance of Ada Colau who, according to the spokesperson, only took “a photo to advertise”. And he asks for a clearer condemnation of the facts: “We would have liked Colau to have filed a complaint not only for material damage, but also for the injuries of its workers. What we need is for him to run on the side of the real. pacification ”, concludes.

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