The power of change drives transformation and strengthens corporate culture

The power of change drives transformation and strengthens corporate culture

The vision of culture change as the most valuable asset for companies

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 06 April 2021

Globant, a digital native company that delivers innovative technology solutions, released its new Sentinel report, which provides useful information to keep organizations relevant and up to date on trends, global outlook and behavior of industries around the world. In this edition, Globant analyzes the future of organizations and emphasizes the importance of developing corporate cultures that embrace change as the driver of their transformation.

Guibert Englebienne, co-founder and CTO of Globant, explained that “artificial intelligence inspires rapid organizational transformation and promotes changes in corporate culture that will only increase over time,” he said. declared. And he adds that “anticipation and adaptation to change distinguish organizations prepared for the future. We hope that this report will be able to open new conversations and highlight the importance of change in digital transformation.

The new Sentinel report puts into context why companies should view culture as their most valuable asset. Change should be used as a driver to accelerate transformation from three fundamental steps:

Listen to the change. Companies must learn to observe themselves, to understand their values ​​and to perceive evolution as a process of adaptation between old and new approaches, in order to forge a path towards the future. You have to live with the contradictions between the old and the new to understand how to evolve; transformation often stems from a crisis that integrates both aspects. Hack the change. To achieve profound change, companies need to focus on the process rather than the outcome, which means improving change adoption, communicating steps, optimizing results, and being aware of potential obstacles. Anticipate change. According to the Sentinel report, the four pillars that will drive change within organizations are: 1) the future of workspaces characterized by the autonomy and flexibility to work anywhere; 2) aspects that promote diversity and multiculturalism; 3) tailored experiences so employees can personalize their career paths, benefits and training plans and; 4) the transformation towards “conscious companies” which prioritize initiatives such as zero carbon emissions, reduction of the environmental footprint and diversity and inclusion.

“Augmented organizations are those with a forward-looking approach, which means they evolve all their processes and solutions to meet the challenges ahead. They are ready to embed change in their daily agenda: their culture. , their experiences, their business models, technologies and data, and it is only when they accelerate and develop thanks to the power of AI that they can reach their full potential ”, explained Emiliano Horcada, strategic partner by Globant.

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