The PP accuses Sánchez of “disarming the state” and approving pardons to “continue his regime”

Update: Monday, June 21, 2021 13:34

Posted: 21.06.2021 13:27

Pablo Casado spoke out harshly against the government after Pedro Sánchez announced that the Council of Ministers would approve pardons for separatists on Tuesday.

The opposition leader accused the president of wanting to “disarm the state with various initiatives murderous for the future of Spain” for having granted this measure to “those who do not repent and threaten to reoffend”.

This was delivered in plenary where he was accompanied by his parliamentary group, as well as party spokespersons in Congress and the Senate, Cuca Gamarra and Javier Maroto.

“Pedro Sánchez takes advantage of the problem caused by the supremacy of his partners to continue with his regime. It is not that there is a lack of democracy, it is that he negotiates with those who attack him,” he said. he declared.

According to him, it is a pact between the chief executive and the separatists because “the nationalists want Spain and what it represents to cease to exist and Sánchez wants the PP to cease to exist “.

The solution to the Catalan question, he says, is the Popular Party and, for that, he asks that in the next elections they vote for his party. “Our path is the best for the Spaniards. We will continue to defend the moderate Catalans and those who respect the law. That the PP wins the next elections is essential,” he said in this regard.

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