“The PP always asks for two more hard-boiled eggs”

Publication: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 3:40 PM

Government spokeswoman María Jesús Montero was frank on Tuesday in responding to the president of Madrid, who called the executive a “manirroto” while asking to declare Madrid a catastrophic zone so that the neighbors receive financial aid: “This is nonsense.”

Montero also insisted that whenever the executive has taken extraordinary measures in Congress to deal with the pandemic, the People’s Party – to which Isabel Díaz Ayuso belongs – has always asked him to increase spending even more: “The PP has always said that we have taken a spending initiative in the Congress of Deputies not only has he accepted, but has sometimes declared that he wants ‘two more hard-boiled eggs’.”

The executive spokeswoman was upset by Ayuso’s statement that “declaring a catastrophic zone should not be a problem for a capricious government”, and recalled the 16 billion euros that Moncloa has made a fund of which the Community of Madrid has been the major beneficiary, to meet the expenses of the pandemic, available to the Autonomous communities.

“I do not understand what he means when he uses this inappropriate and unfair expression with a government which has been constantly aware of the needs of the citizens,” lamented Montero.

“There is no formal request”

Regarding the declaration or not of Madrid as a catastrophic zone, a legal figure allowing direct aid and tax advantages to be granted to those affected, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, affirmed that “he There is no formal demand “in this regard, although the government of Madrid and the capital have insisted on the need to adopt this provision.

“The Spanish government can, ex officio, take the necessary and precise measures. We have started the assessment of the damage caused in all the areas affected by this emergency. This emergency is not over, we hope it will end soon, ”he explained. Marlaska.

Only in the city of Madrid, and according to city hall data, the passage of “Filomena” and the intense snowfall that for 30 hours was constant in the capital would have caused damages of 20 million euros.

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