The PP asks Marlaska to resign and accuses him of “being in Chueca” during the riots during the demonstrations of Pablo Hasél

Updated: Friday, February 19, 2021 12:44 PM

Posted: 19.02.2021 12:35

People’s Interior Committee spokesperson Ana Belén Vázquez called on Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska to resign after the unrest caused during protests against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél and accused him of ” be in Chueca “during violent acts. Marlaska criticized him for his comment: “Be more respectful of diversity”.

The minister seemed to give an account of the management of his department during the storm “Filomena” which collapsed half of Spain in early January. The popular criticized him for the delay in appearing and took advantage of his intervention to reproach Grande-Marlaska for the violence in the demonstrations of recent days.

Vázquez accused the minister of “cowardice” of going to report on Filomena when the storm has already passed and showed on one page the controversial tweet from Pablo Echenique, United We Can spokesman in Congress, in which he supported the rejection concentration of imprisonment at a time when damages were already pending in Madrid and Barcelona.

Iglesias and Sánchez, responsible for the violence

“He did not spend a minute strongly condemning the violence against the police”, reproached the popular deputy, reminding the minister that he had demanded last year from the former president of the Generalitat Quim Torra an explicit condemnation. of violence from the so- called CDR.

“Mr. Iglesias is responsible for what happens in the streets, and Mr. Sánchez also, and Marlaska with his complicit silence as well. And if today he is not able to condemn the violence against the comrades of the police force and against the forces and the security forces of the State, you must resign ”, settled.

Vázquez, who called Echenique “imprescriptible” and said the government’s second vice-president should have already been removed from office, has been recalled twice so as not to focus on the issue at hand. Finally, he accused Marlaska “of being in Chueca” – a popular area in downtown Madrid, famous for its LGTB atmosphere – during the riots.

“I don’t know if I was back after being in Chueca”

“I don’t know if I was back in Chueca like the last three days, I don’t know where you were,” he said.

The comment shocked the minister, who criticized the “little game” of using his sexual orientation. “This concept of if you have returned to Chueca … Be more respectful of diversity. Pay attention to your expressions, I am already very healed of these circumstances.”

Marlaska took advantage of his first intervention at the Commission to recognize the work of the State security forces and organs “rendering their service to the most vulnerable and to those who guarantee the rights and freedoms of all of society against a minority who makes use of violence “.

Referring to the violent demonstrations of recent days, the minister qualified them as “unjustifiable acts in a democratic society”.

In addition, and in relation to his condemnation of violence, Marlaska assured not to be “excessive” in his public demonstrations, but rather that he devotes himself to guaranteeing protective measures.

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