The PP assumes that there will be no motion of censure in Murcia


Posted: Friday March 12 2021 12:01 PM

There will be no motion of censure in Murcia, according to the PP. The motion of censure presented by Ciudadanos and the PSOE with the orange Ana Martínez Vidal as candidate for the presidency of Murcia will fail, in the opinion of the PP, after having linked the support of several citizens to keep Fernando López Miras.

According to People’s Party sources, it is not about transfuguismo, but rather about the same government with three of the six deputies of the parliamentary group of the region. They are Valle Miguélez, Isabel Franco and Francisco Álvarez, the half of the parliamentary group that disagreed with the orange leader, Martínez Vidal.

Popular President López Miras has called the media to an urgent press conference, where he is expected to announce the continuity of his government.

The citizens and the PSOE, for their part, argue that they have all the signatures for this to progress and that there is no setback. From the Orange Party, they assure that if one of these deputies changes his mind, it is because he was bought, which would show what the PP is in Murcia.

The spokesperson for Ciudadanos in Murcia, Juan José Molina, defended in an interview in ‘La SER’ that “if it was said that we had to go together to sign him, it makes no sense that it is not done now “. and that all deputies “We accepted because it was necessary”.

On the part of the Murcian socialists, they speak of pressure and drunkenness on the part of the conservatives. They knew it was going to be difficult, but they insist that the motion pass.

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, was sure this morning in Onda Cero that “I have all the signatures of my colleagues from Murcia”.

This morning, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, assured Telemadrid that they had carried out “self-censorship”. “Arrimadas ushered in censorship automobiles and we cannot share them,” they said.

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