The PP breaks with the citizens of the town hall of Granada and accuses the mayor of “taking root” in his functions

Posted: Tuesday June 08, 2021 10:14 AM

The Popular Party breaks with the Citizens of the City Hall of Granada. The president of the PP of the Andalusian city, Francisco Rodríguez, announced that the seven advisers who currently make up the popular group will give up their powers “to the general secretariat” of the consistory. Likewise, they are leaving the municipal coalition government that they had until now with Ciudadanos and led by Luis Salvador (Cs) as mayor.

The reason, according to Rodríguez himself in an urgently called press conference, is due to Salvador’s refusal to resign in order to promote the alternation between the parties at the head of the town hall in the rest of the legislature, as the two formations agreed the elections took place in 2019.

Thus, Rodríguez accused Salvador of “entrenching himself” in power and assured that a capital like Granada does not deserve a mayor “who turns his back on his own advisers”. The popular leader of Granada has denounced that “a city like Granada cannot be ruled by loneliness”, and considers that his party “has been very patient” with the orange mayor.

“He told us very clearly that he was not leaving, that he did not want to. He must realize that he cannot remain in office”, added Rodríguez during his speech, which was at again addressed to Salvador to indicate that “he must have a little self-esteem” and act accordingly: “There are only two options: take refuge as you do or call a plenary session.”

For now, the mayor has kept his diary and received the second year students of the Gómez Moreno school in a ceremony held in the plenary hall of the city council. However, his press service has already announced that he will make a special appearance at 12:30 p.m. to clarify his government’s next moves in the face of the institutional crisis announced by the PP.

The PP’s resignation from the municipal government comes precisely two weeks after its former president, Sebastián Pérez, left the formation and threatened to support a motion of censure in favor of the PSOE if the popular did not force Luis Salvador to give up his position to the popular: “If the PP does not find the 14 votes, I will find them. Pérez made a point of recalling that after the last elections a pact was sealed with the Citizens so that after the first two years of the legislature, there is a change of command which should take place that same month of June, but that Salvador (Cs) is not compliant at the moment.

Currently, Salvador governs the city with four of the 27 councilors who make up the city council due to the agreement reached at the start of the mandate with the PP, which obtained seven councilors in the last elections, and the far right of Vox, which reached . This despite the fact that the PSOE were the most voted list, with ten advisers representation, while United We can get three.

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