The PP celebrates the arrest of Hasél while the left speaks of “shame” and “democratic deficits”

Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 3:06 PM

Published on: 02/16/2021 10:50

United We Can has once again brought the “lack of democratic normality” debate to the table. He did so after the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél, sentenced to nine months in prison for the crimes of glorifying terrorism and insults against the Crown and against state institutions.

The purple formation insisted on criticism of Spanish democracy. “Everyone who brags about this ‘total democratic normality’ and considers themselves progressives should be ashamed. Will they cover their eyes? There is no progress if we refuse to recognize the current democratic deficits,” he said. they wrote on Twitter.

For his part, MP Jaume Asens recalled that today the purple training bill has been accepted for treatment so that “neither Hasél nor any rapper are in prison”. A rule that will have to be put to a vote and which several left-wing parties hope will come forward to modify the law of the Penal Code which governs freedom of expression.

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, also added to these criticisms, ratifying himself in the opinion that the Spanish democracy does not respect freedom of expression as it should: “We are facing the symptom of serious democratic deficits. And those who deny it do. bad service. to what works well in Spanish democracy, which is also a lot “.

Representatives of other leftist parties have expressed themselves in the same direction, such as Gabriel Rufián, Íñigo Errejón or Joan Baldoví. All have criticized certain actions of justice, stressing that they represent “an image impossible to explain abroad”.

“The judges are very understanding with Rodrigo Rato and Cristina Cifuentes, but Pablo Hasél is already in prison”, declared the deputy of Compromís. While that of More Country recalled that “yesterday we saw 200 Nazis attacking the Jews”. “We are not in favor of limiting freedom of expression, but there cannot be two measuring instruments”, he stressed in this regard.

For his part, Gabriel Rufián of Esquerra Republicana referred to the same qualifier Podemos used: “This is one of the most shameful images in Spain. Very bad news for any Democrat.”

Asked about the singer’s imprisonment, the government indicated that it does not comment on what refers to justice, but that it will review “certain spaces which have the counterpart of becoming a crime in the context of freedom of speech”. In this sense, he considers that there are aspects which “derive from freedom of expression and which do not pose a risk to the security of persons”.

The PP celebrates its entry into prison

Right on the other side is the People’s Party, which celebrated the rapper’s arrest and jail. It is the national spokesperson, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who described this as “good news” because “a criminal finds himself in prison”. Likewise, he described his internment at the University of Lleida as a “tantrum”.

Arran calls four protests for Hasel’s arrest

The discontent over the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél has not only passed through the hemicycle, but on Thursday afternoon he will also jump in different regions of Spain. In this sense, the Catalan youth platform Arrán has convened four events in Sabadell, Girona, Barcelona and Valencia.

“The repression of the Spanish state has no limits and it is ready to do anything to silence us. We are not backing down! We are pushing forward and organizing the response to bring down this unjust and oppressive system,” he said. organization on its Twitter account.

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