The PP demands the appearance of Darias for the vacuum cleaner of AstraZeneca and Ayuso accuses him of “indiscriminately blows”

Publication: Thursday, April 8, 2021 11:07

The Popular Party wants the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, to come to Congress to explain the suspension of the Astrazeneca vaccine in children under the age of 60. It was announced by Pablo Casado during a ceremony with the councilor of the Community of Madrid, -Enrique Ruiz-Escudero; This community was the only one to vote against this measure at the Inter-Territorial Health Council last night.

“We need to know what is going on and a vaccination process cannot be interrupted,” said the president of the PP. Also from Madrid, they demand an explanation from Darias, whom they accuse of having taken this decision “without medical criteria”.

Darias, in an act on Thursday, sent out a message of peace, saying that the vaccines that are given are safe and that the government’s strategy is to “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate”.

Escudero, in statements to “Al Rojo Vivo”, believes that it should not be a decision of the Interterritorial Health Council, “but of the regulatory body, the European Medicines Agency”.

He called the measure “nonsense” and said it forces them to revamp the vaccination plan. In fact, this morning it is already communicated to people who had to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca and who are under the age of 60 that it is canceled.

In addition, according to their data, some 600 people, including teachers, firefighters and other emergency personnel, as well as members of the forces and state security organs, are still awaiting their dose.

“It is very difficult for the Spaniards to understand the decision. The European Medicines Agency tells us that thrombi occur very rarely in people under 60, very rare in women, but we have to stop the vaccination. impossible to understand. It is included. the risk in the prospectus but we have stopped the vaccination of the less than 60 years old “, lamented the Minister of Health in an interview with Espejo Público.

The Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, spoke in the same direction: “Yesterday, what the EMA said is that it is very rare that a thrombosis occurs and that a relation of age or sex cannot be established. Madrid is opposed because from the scientific point of view because we do not have scientific proof ”, and asks that the age limit be removed and that people of over 65 years of age are vaccinated.

In an interview with RNE, he recalled that three weeks ago “the ministry had decided not to put the vaccine above 55 and now it is between 60 and 65. We ask for consistency, given this happened in the UK, we are asking that the limit be removed 60 and 65 and over the elderly are vaccinated ”.

More critical was President Díaz Ayuso, who accused Health of “hitting the blind”: “What you can’t do is change your standards, take yourself down and constantly create insecurity,” he said. he assured Onda Cero.

“In fact, even the European Union itself denied Pedro Sánchez and told him and made it clear that it is not known how many vaccines will be able to arrive in Spain whereas two days ago she said that they would be in the millions this summer. “

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