The PP denounces the number two of Marlaska and the director of the Civil Guard for the dismissal of Pérez de los Cobos

Publication: Monday April 12, 2021 20:05

The Popular Party has filed a complaint in the courts of Madrid against the Secretary of State for Security and number two in the interior, Rafael Pérez, and against the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, for an alleged crime of tenacity in the referral. of former Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos.

The dismissal, which was revoked by the courts, was used by the popular to attack the socialist executive. They demand that the two personalities be the subject of an investigation: Rafael Pérez for having issued the order “in a manifestly arbitrary, illegal and unfair manner, concealing it under the guise of a simple discretionary act” and seeking to “circumvent any technical or legal control on it “. ; and to María Gámez, for proposing it, as indicated by EFE, who had access to the original document.

The Interior Ministry has decided to dismiss Pérez de los Cobos from the headquarters of the Civil Guard command for his refusal to report on the progress of the investigation related to the feminist strike of 8M in the year 2020, with the incidence of the coronavirus on the rise. The government asked for information that it did not receive, because there was a duty of reserve in the orders, issued by a judge.

The national court overturned the dismissal (which the executive said was due to a “loss of confidence”) on March 31 because the reason given “was not real” and the decision was “illegal”. Interior said it would appeal the decision.

The PP considers that the revocation of the dismissal by contentious-administrative means “can anticipate or provide sufficient elements to initiate a criminal action against the authorities who participated in the realization of the administrative act now canceled”.

Vox has already set a precedent

Santiago Abascal’s party has already filed a complaint with the Supreme Court against Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Rafael Pérez and María Gámez for obstructing justice, reprisals and procrastination for the dismissal of Diego Pérez de los Cobos and the subsequent resignation of the director operations assistant. of the Civil Guard Laurentino Ceña.

The text stressed that there was evidence that the dismissal of the Colonel of the Civil Guard was “unjustified and arbitrary” and was directly linked to “the request to carry out an openly illegal activity”. In the opinion of the party, they felt that the real reason for the loss of confidence was “not to agree to undertake a manifestly illegal act requested from the highest levels of the ministry”.

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