“The PP did not endure the ordeal of life in coalition”

Publication: Wednesday March 10, 2021 11:54

The text of the motion of censure to the regional government of Murcia exposes among the arguments of the PSOE and Ciudadanos to overthrow the Popular Party that they “did not withstand the test of life in coalition”, they write.

The two formations focus on the fact that they ask the PP for the list of senior officials who have been irregularly vaccinated for “too long”. They also allude to the number of such cases known in recent times: “Almost every day we learn about irregularities. Politicians sneaking around, lack of control over the vaccination process, advisers getting vaccinated. The irregular vaccination seems endless (…) trust has been shattered, ”they say.

“If we abuse public power to obtain a private advantage, which does not have to be economic, it is corruption. And failure to respect the order of priority constitutes an abuse of power, ”they underline in the motion, signed by 17 members of the PSOE and 6 citizens, who add 23 the absolute majority in the Chamber. “We come from Ciudadanos, also from opposition parties,” asking for the list of senior officials who have been irregularly vaccinated and we have set up a commission of inquiry. ”

“To top it off,” they add, “the public prosecutor’s office recently tasked the UFEF with verifying the judgments of four Murcia town hall councils since 2016.” And our government, regional and municipal partner responds by accusing, denouncing and spying on the complainant. “They will understand that the trust has been broken.”

Ciudadanos accuses the PP of not knowing how to live in a coalition. “He did not withstand the test of life in coalition,” they say. “They are not respecting the mandates of the Plenary, which urges him to fire a counselor who has sneaked into immunization. They are also not respecting the mandate to return to school.”

Then, the full text of the motion presented by the PSOE and Ciudadanos to the Regional Assembly on Wednesday:

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