The PP has already studied in 2012 and 2018 to impose tolls on the highways that it now criticizes

Publication: Wednesday May 12, 2021 4:14 PM

The PP government chaired by Mariano Rajoy twice considered imposing tolls on public roads to pay for their maintenance, a measure that was criticized for days after Sánchez’s executive put the stimulus plan sent to Brussels above the table.

According to documents accessed by laSexta, Ana Pastor’s Ministry of Development and that headed by Íñigo de la Serna have increased fares even higher than those currently being considered by the Ministry of Transport.

These are the roles that the head of the branch, José Luis Ábalos, reproached the popular with during the control session in Congress. In the case of the latter, just a few months before the motion of censure which removed Rajoy from the government, it was specified that its entry into force would be this year, with two cents per kilometer for light vehicles and 18 for cars. . heavy.

“We haven’t gotten that far,” Ábalos said.

The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, for his part, questioned the Executive if “the independent who uses his vehicle to get around and the road is his office is rich”. This criticism, in line with those which have occurred in recent days since his approach to Brussels, was well known.

But it was not the only occasion: in 2012, Ana Pastor’s ministry also put on the table payment for the use of roads. In his case, with three cents per kilometer, a figure which rose to eleven in the case of trucks.

The government had to deny it after the then Secretary of State for Commerce, Jaime García Legaz, opened the door in May of the same year: “Why is the cost of maintaining a highway going up? will it be taken care of by whoever takes the bus or Do you use public transport? “

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