The PP rejects before the Constitutional Court the expulsion of Toni Cantó from the Ayuso list, alleging that there is no obligation to register before the closure of the census

Publication: Monday April 12, 2021 17:21

The Popular Party has already lodged an amparo appeal before the Constitutional Court for the expulsion of Toni Cantó, former deputy of Ciudadanos, and Agustín Conde, former mayor of Toledo, respectively at number five and 23 of the electoral list of Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the elections in the Community of Madrid scheduled for May 4. This is how the popular party reacted just a day after the announcement of the judicial decision which made the two politicians ineligible.

In their appeal, the popular defended that there was no registration requirement before the census was closed, an argument in response to the decision of court number five of the Madrid contentious administration, which stated that neither Cantó nor Conde could be put on Ayuso’s list when registering in Madrid after January 1, as prescribed by law (Cantó did so on March 22 and Condé on March 26).

PP sources in LaSexta insisted that this requirement had never been required until this case, stressing that the decision contravenes what had been decided by the Provincial Electoral Council. Thus, they consider that Cantó and Conde “have been discriminated against against the rest of the candidates in the present and in the past”. In this sense, they denounced that “a requirement which does not appear in the law was created legally, by an intervention which violates the principle of interpretation more favorable to the fundamental right”.

“In case of doubt, we must be in favor of the exercise of the fundamental right of political participation”, continued the same popular sources, hoping that this same week the resolution of the court will be known to clarify this decision. For now, Cantó has wanted to minimize this judicial episode by making sure that, in any case, he will continue to campaign for Ayuso’s candidacy. “It’s Madrid, not Venezuela,” he dared this Sunday on the Liarla Pardo program after being asked about his next steps.

“I have always said that the important thing for me was to campaign for an election. To be on the lists or not for me is secondary,” said the former citizen deputy and until now a member of the electoral list. ‘Ayuso, who was frank about this: “I will continue to organize rallies so that the Community of Madrid continues to be chaired by a very great president, and not by the worst leader in the world, who is Sánchez accompanied by Mr. . Iglesias. ”

Diaz Ayuso herself, who claimed that she had Cantó, was quick to respond to these words, as much as he “has to rely on her”, as she is a person who “surprised him for the best”. For the president of the Madrid region, a campaign “does not change due to a bureaucratic problem”, although she revealed in an interview with EsRadio that she already has a “plan b” if the decision to the High Court is contrary to the expectations of the party: “I already have alternatives”

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