The PP sweeps with nearly 30,000 more votes than in 2019

Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 11:14 PM

The PP improved its result by almost 30,000 votes in Vallecas, a common left-wing district stronghold which played a leading role in this campaign.

Thus, in Villa de Vallecas – one of the two divisions in which the district is divided – the conservatives obtained 33.95% of the vote, 21 points more than what they had obtained just two years ago, when the PSOE won.

The Socialists suffered a major setback, since against 29.86% of the votes they obtained in 2019, they this time collected 18.61% of the votes. In other words, in two years, they suffered wear that caused them to lose 11.25 percentage points.

In contrast, Más Madrid improved slightly (24.5%) and Unidos Podemos gained three points with the candidacy of Pablo Iglesias (10.19%). Vox got 7.38% of the vote and Cs 3.35%.

As for Puente de Vallecas, the growth experienced by the popular also exceeds the PSOE and Más Madrid on the right. The PP collected 27.58% of the vote, 15.61 points more than in 2019 (11.97%).

The Socialists, who in the previous elections had obtained 35.90% of the votes in the district, in this call, they obtained 23.42%. They are also advanced by the candidacy of Más Madrid, who obtains 23.60% of the ballots issued, a few tenths more than in 2019.

United We can improve the result of the last election with 14.52% of the vote. Vox obtains 6.77% of the votes cast and Cs 2.27%.

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