The PP tries to correct Ayuso’s words about the king and accuses Sánchez of having engaged him in the signing of pardons

Posted: Monday June 14 2021 10:17 AM

The environment of Isabel Díaz Ayuso had to specify that her declarations on the king’s position vis-à-vis the pardons only answered “a rhetorical question”. And it is that the president of Madrid wondered if Felipe VI “will sign” the possible pardons to the Catalan separatists and if the government will “make him an accomplice”.

Statements which sparked controversy and which forced the Popular Party to defend the leader of the PP in the Community of Madrid. “This mention of the king was a rhetorical question that was not expected to be answered, that was to blame Sánchez,” sources from the region’s presidency said.

Likewise, they specified that “it was not a question awaiting an answer” because, they assure, “Ayuso knows very well that the king must sign what the government gives him”.

From Genoa, they also insisted that the prime minister “should not compromise the king”. And in the same vein, the party’s spokesman in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, was forced to recall that “our system is that of a parliamentary monarchy and the role of the king in it”.

Sources from the Community of Madrid assure that “this mention of the king was a rhetorical question which was not expected to be answered”

Although Gamarra wanted to focus on what he sees as a “clamor in the streets” against pardons. “The clamor that prevails in Spanish society is the rejection of pardons, of which the only responsible is Pedro Sánchez and his government,” he added in statements to ‘RTVE’.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida also wanted to move the debate away from Ayuso’s statements. In an interview with ‘Espejo Público’, the PP spokesperson said that “the debate is not the role of the king, but whether the pardons take place or not”.

In this sense, he stressed that “the king, the last institutional guarantee, will fulfill his constitutional duty as he has always done”. Thus, he declared that the president of the Madrid executive “wanted to reflect the indignation at the use which is made of the institutions, but not to doubt that the king has fulfilled his role”.

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