The PP uses the striking gesture of Nadia Calviño to attack the repeal of the labor reform

Publication: Wednesday May 19, 2021 6:00 PM

The plenary session held this Wednesday at the Congress of Deputies left a striking mark. Nadia Calviño changed her face considerably when Yolanda Díaz reiterated her commitment to repeal the PP labor reform, making a striking gesture with her eyes that did not go unnoticed.

It all started when Esquerra Republicana MEP Marta Rosique asked Yolanda Díaz about youth employment. In her speech, the parliamentarian asked “what changes were planned for young people to have decent work”.

In view of this, the minister assured that “one in three young people lost their job during the pandemic” and that, despite this, “they were very far from the 56% left by the popular”. After that, he was blunt: “Yes, I expect that we will repeal the reform of the People’s Party.”

Upon listening to it, Nadia Calviño made the aforementioned gesture, with which she seems to roll her eyes and gaze up at the sky. Something they took advantage of the PP to attack the executive by remembering a sentence of “Here, there is no one living”: “The faces, Juan, the faces …”.

“Someone is lying”

Cuca Gamarra, spokesperson for the People’s Parliamentary Group in Congress, intervened after the session and said: “Calviño’s commitment with Brussels includes the commitment not to repeal the People’s Party reform. a ment: or Calviño in Brussels or Yolanda Díaz at the seat of popular sovereignty “.

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