The PP “will not give in” and considers the motion of censure a “joke”

Updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 12:50 PM

Published on: 10/21/2020 11:32

The People’s Party is watching the debate on the censure motion in a difficult position. They are faced with the dilemma of abstaining or voting against it because they have argued that they will not support it.

The number 2 of the party, Teodoro García Egea, during a press conference in Congress after the intervention of Abascal, considers that this motion “is a joke”. “Vox with this false motion gives Sánchez a mockery” and ensures that the PP “will not give in”. He considers it “untimely” and “a waste of time and a lack of respect”.

“Its own uselessness makes it a circus spectacle. When the Sánchez government is cornered and fear of the Spaniards increases, Vox, with an inopportune move, gives Sánchez a mockery to hide. The numbers don’t give Sánchez a shot, the people should know, ”he said.

Although everything can change, it will in principle be Pablo Casado who defends the position of the PP. They say in Vox that they prefer to vote against the motion because this is how they are portrayed and the far right formation is consolidated as an opposition party.

But in his speech, the Vox deputy in charge of defending the motion, Ignacio Garriga, repeated this sentence several times: “And all this would already be more than enough for any deputy to support this motion of censure”, pronounced sentence at the end of the arguments which, according to Vox, justify the motion to the coalition government.

Sentence pronounced with the gaze on the bench of the PP in more than a moment, until already, directly, Garriga addresses the popular people and tells them that today “they have the historical opportunity to retrace this way. To show that they are ready to face all the consequences of the process of dissolution of the Nation that this Government now embodies. “

Santiago Abascal also addressed the PP to obtain his support in the motion of censure: “It is a question of stopping the process of destruction of Spain which started with Zapatero”. “Spain can only be saved by the Spaniards. We depend on ourselves to overcome these moments”, and the Vox leader added: “I have to ask for your vote, you can build an alternative to this catastrophe.”

PP sources at LaSexta, on Abascal’s speech, wonder what is Abascal’s proposal for Spain, “An idea to stop the pandemic, to overcome the economic crisis?” They insist on the message these days, that it is a waste of time and that now the important thing is the health and economic crisis. “Our party has not made public the meaning of the vote because the censure motion is going to be a failure. With what we have above us, we have to face the real problems,” said MP Ana Pastor. this morning.

They believe that “the only one who will be reinforced will be Sanchez and they repeat that the PP” is the alternative to the government. “” We have a project, we are the governing party. We can not spend a minute on strategies doomed to failure, “argues the deputy, who assured that the PP will communicate its vote when the time comes.

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