the PP will seek to protect concerted parties and specials in their autonomy

Posted: Friday, November 20, 2020 9:04 a.m.

The PP is already preparing a battery of measures to deactivate the “Celaá law” in the five communities where it governs. They want to do it with regional decrees and decrees, to protect concerted education, special education and Spanish as a lingua franca, according to LaSexta.

This Friday, they announced that the national leadership would meet with groups and associations. And next week with educational advisers from the autonomous communities to outline the actions.

Pablo Casado also confirmed that the PP will appeal the law to the Constitutional Court as soon as it enters into force. The People’s President promised to repeal the law upon his arrival in La Moncloa.

The popular offensive will also take place in the streets. The leaders of the PP plan to participate in the citizen mobilizations which will take place next Sunday.

In the opinion of Cuca Gamarra, spokesman for the PP in Congress, this rule “breaks” educational equality: “We will defend freedom by going to Europe and appealing to unconstitutionality when the law is published in the BOE ”.

The PP’s head of education, Sandra Moneo, revealed in the plenary session of Congress that in her party they will use “all the instruments” at their disposal to set the standard.

Madrid, in fact, has started to take steps in this direction. The president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced a regional regulation which protects concerted and special education and “where the authority of the teacher and his direct relationship with each student are strengthened”.

<< On the one hand, we are studying the presentation of any appeal that may be necessary before the courts and, on the other hand, the legal services of the Ministry of Education have already been tasked with examining and analyzing all the legal options to be approved in Murcia. the necessary counter-reforms not to apply this law which goes against freedom ”, declared the President of Murcia, Fernando López Miras.

The concert goes out in the street

Resistance to the application of the law also comes mainly from the concerted centers. About twenty associations of centers and parents have joined the More Plurales platform, which is collecting signatures and manifested itself under the slogan # StopleyCelaá.

From the rostrum, they speak of a “direct attack on freedom of education”. The reason, according to its spokesperson, Jesús Muñoz de Priego, at is that this law eliminates the concept of “social demand” that LOMCE included and which gave parents more power to choose a center. For them, “the law will mean the disappearance of concerted units even if they are wanted by families.”

The final text establishes that no rights can be collected from families to benefit from free education or to impose contributions to foundations or associations. With this measure, we want to put an end to the controversy over the collection of fees, which occurs in practice in most centers.

A study by the Spanish Confederation of Parents’ Associations (CEAPA) and the Association of Private and Independent Schools (CICAE), conducted in 336 subsidized educational centers, found that 90% of schools charge basic fees to families, and that in 89% of cases, they are compulsory.

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