“The problems are not solved by collecting signatures or with Colón’s photo”

Update: Saturday, June 12, 2021 13:57

Posted: 12.06.2021 13:56

The government remains determined in its commitment to pardons. Although they did not say so expressly, there are several members of the Executive who are already probing the ground to get the idea that the prisoners of the trial will receive, at least, the measure of pardon in a partial way. .

President Pedro Sánchez has argued in recent hours that “discord does not build a country”. He made it from Costa Rica, the last stop of his tour of Latin America, and asked about the protest scheduled for tomorrow in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón, where PP, Cs and Vox will come to focus on the rejection. pardons granted to Catalan politicians imprisoned for what happened in October 2017.

“Even being aware that there are compatriots with scruples about forgiving Catalan politicians, I ask them to understand. That they believe that the challenge is worth it and that we must move from a bad past to a a better future and that the homeland is being built in coexistence, in respect for democratic legality and in coexistence ”, underlined the chief executive.

Ministers Nadia Calviño and María Jesús Montero insisted on the same idea in a law of the PSOE on the social economy. The government spokesman and head of the Treasury warned against the “populism” of the speeches of the opposition, which makes “noise” instead of seeking the “path of reunion” in Catalan society.

“The Catalans must reconnect with each other and with Spain. The institutions have an obligation to facilitate this path of reunion, we must ensure that there is this space knowing that legality can never be broken again. “, defended Montero. “The problems are not solved by collecting signatures or they are not solved by all going to the picture of Colón,” he said.

The leader of the Catalan socialists, Salvador Illa, also stressed this Saturday his position in favor of grace as a “gesture of magnanimity, generosity and affirmation of the rule of law”. In addition, he insisted that this decision, well considered in Moncloa, not be adapted according to the polls, but rather “political convictions that everyone can defend”. On the contrary, those who seek only electoral interest “render a terrible service to Spain and Catalonia”.

In the PSOE the article published by the president of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, this week in LaSexta, in which he accepted pardons and, for the first time, refused to persist in the unilateral path to obtain independence .

From the PP, which tomorrow will occupy a prominent place in the demonstration with the presence of the national president, spokesman José Luis Martínez-Almeida has predicted the enormous cost that will mean for Sánchez to pardon the independence leaders. “Sánchez can forgive these criminals, but the Spaniards will not forgive him”, also warned the mayor of Madrid.

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