the profile of those admitted goes down to 40 in Catalonia

Posted: Sunday July 04, 2021 12:47 PM

Since May 17, almost 50 days ago, Spain was not at high risk. Then our incidence reached 151 points, a number very similar to that of this week. But the situation, yes, is different.

Then the infections were spread almost evenly between the young and the old. But the progress of vaccination, with 20 million doses inoculated since, has especially immunized the over 50 years.

This is why the numbers are now turning a corner, putting the twenty years at the top of the infections: they are almost a third of the total, double the last time we entered at high risk. And they are closely followed by the group of 10 to 19. With 24%, 10 points more than then.

The easing of measures and the irresponsible behavior of the last few days are not helping either. And although we already know that symptoms in young people are less, they are not without risk. Since the start of the pandemic, 1.5% of those infected in this group have ended up being hospitalized. 0.1% end up in the ICU.

It doesn’t seem like much, but let’s take an example: partying in style this weekend. Lots of music … and few masks. Result: 1,000 young people infected. If we follow the average, there will be at least 40 hospitalized and one admitted to intensive care.

A hypothetical case perfectly extrapolated to the behaviors observed these days, the incidence of which continues to skyrocket. This Sunday, Catalonia once again passed the 3,000 mark, more than double that of a week ago. Upward trend also in Cantabria, with 129 new cases. And Navarre, which with 355 multiplies by 10 the figure of last Sunday.

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