The progress of Operation Kitchen has been reported at three different political levels to Rajoy’s government

The progress of Operation Kitchen has been reported at three different political levels of the leadership of the government of Mariano Rajoy. This is what reveals the report that the chief inspector of the UDEF, Manuel Morocho, sent to the judge of box B of the PP, Santiago Pedraz and to which LaSexta had access.

There he collects the statements of the commissioner Enrique García Castaño in the room of the Tandem affair in which the Kitchen operation is followed and in which he confirms the surveillance of the former treasurer Luis Bárcenas in prison.

According to his account, former Commissioner Villarejo was responsible to the then Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. Former Commissioner Gómez Gordo and Castaño himself did so to Maria Dolores de Cospedal and State Secretary for Security Francisco Martínez to Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

Thus, an illegal operation was formed to follow the movements of Bárcenas in the prison of Soto Del Real and, presumably, to destroy the evidence against the PP in the possession of the former treasurer. Meanwhile, National Court judge Pablo Ruz was vindicated under the aegis of the search for heritage hidden abroad.

The report also tells of the payments to Sergio Ríos, Barcenas’ driver, to make sure he knows his movements, as well as the payment to a trusted prisoner of the former treasurer who was going to destroy the documentation in the cloud.

And all ordered, according to García Castaño, by the deputy director of operations of the national police, Eugenio Pino, and his direct superior, the secretary of state for security at the time Francisco Martínez, number two of the minister Fernández Díaz.

End of the investigation on “the Bárcenas papers”

To this information to which LaSexta had access, it is added that today the judge of the National Court refused to extend the investigation of the case for another six months during which he is being investigated to know whether the donations of businessmen in box B of the PP, reflected in the “Bárcenas papers”, they were in exchange for public rewards or other favors.

Thus, the term of the instruction will expire next Thursday, July 29, so that no other procedure can be requested and that only those which have already been agreed and are awaiting their presentation will be admitted.

Santiago Pedraz chose to close the investigation after questioning the former treasurer Luis Bárcenas on July 16 following the letter he sent to Anticorruption before the trial for the alleged payment in b of the reform of the PP headquarters , awaiting judgment.

He thus followed the criteria of the anti-corruption prosecution, which considered that the ongoing processing of “proceedings deemed necessary to clarify the facts” did not justify a prolongation of the investigation, as demanded by the popular accusations and the Prosecutor General’s Office. of the State, which supported their request.

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