the progressive bloc calls “the last push” while the right believes the data “is below”

Publication: Thursday, April 22, 2021 1:19 PM

The left bloc seems to hold back Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s expectations of governing in the Community of Madrid, moving closer to the presidency with a possible government between the PSOE, Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos. This emerges from the latest barometer published by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), which gives between 67 and 73 seats for the progressive bloc and between 65 and 69 for the right-wing and far-right bloc.

These data were released just a day after the six-candidate debate, a debate in which the gesture of Angel Gabilondo, who reached out to Pablo Iglesias to rule after the 4M elections, surprised. A glove the United We Can candidate picked up after the socialist said a few weeks ago that he would not agree with him.

“I think a lot of people on the left didn’t understand Ángel’s initial approach. He thought that if he said things on the right, maybe there were people on the right who could vote for it. him, but it is impossible. Fortunately, the members of the PSOE understand it and there is to welcome this rectification “, are the declarations made by the former vice-president to Pedro Sánchez after the proposal of the socialist candidate.

Regarding the Tezanos investigation, the purple formation believes that Iglesias’ commitment to “leave the vice-presidency and opt for the Community of Madrid has been a success” because now the “left can add”. Although they look at the data “with caution”, they are “happy”.

Iglesias takes Gabilondo’s glove and Mónica García calls to add left majority

In the same line, they spoke of Más Madrid. Mónica García believes that there is “a possible alternative” and that it is her formation which “pushes the block”. “Any voter who wants a decent government needs to cheer themselves up. We have 12 days left. A last effort is needed.” This was pronounced before the evaluation of the CIS data which gives it an increase of 22 seats. Even so, he considers that “they leave everything very open” and that “they are very tight”.

For his part, Íñigo Errejón considers that the candidate of Más Madrid “is the most qualified to lead” the Community “in such a difficult period. Likewise, he defends that training continues to” rise, which is what all the polls are about. ‘grant’, but admits that it remains ‘something old’ because it does not record what happened in the electoral debate.

The right-wing bloc does not give credibility to the CEI and calls for a vote on M4

The one who at the moment does not want to hear about agreements to reach the executive is Ayuso. The president of Madrid insists on calling to join the vote in her person to govern alone, even if she would opt “for the parties which are at her side”. With the Socialists, he believes he can understand each other “on something, but not in agreement”.

The current Madrid leader believes that Pedro Sánchez is behind Gabilondo’s campaign and, in his opinion, “they have not stopped lying in this campaign”. Already in the debate, he addressed the candidate of the PSOE to tell him that “they have changed a lot”.

Of the PP, they question the last CIS survey because the results “are well below” the polls “of the media. So things, the vice-president, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, assured that his” big poll is that of the 4M, where the future of Madrid is at stake, “and they continue to work” with enthusiasm. For his part, the vice-secretary for communication, Pablo Montesinos, indicated that he did not deserve “any comments on this subject. “.

They also do not give any truth to this investigation since the formation of the extreme right. Vox believes that “Tezanos shows once again that his only interest is to try to condition the vote to give air to the socialist government and its communist accomplices”. Rocío Monasterio said that “public resources are used for partisan purposes”.

Citizens believe that voters must choose between their party or Vox to govern with the PP

This CIS leaves another relevant information: it excludes the citizens of the Assembly. Despite the failure of the Coalition Executive with the PP in Madrid, the Orange team continues to bet on governance with Ayuso. He believes that this is the only possibility for Vox not to enter the government of the Community of Madrid.

“From the first minute we say that the thing is between Rocío Monasterio and me. The only way that Vox does not rule in Madrid is me. If I am in government, they will not be.” These are the words that the candidate Edmundo Bal spoke on Thursday. The same idea he insisted on in the Telemadrid debate.

Following these statements, Gabilondo called on “Ciudadanos voters” to decide whether they want their party “to support Ayuso or if they want a serious government”. Taking into account the refusal of the orange formation, he declared: “I call on the whole left to change because we have common objectives”.

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