The prosecution asks the Constitutional Court to keep Toni Cantó and Agustín Conde out of the electoral list of Isabel Díaz Ayuso


Publication: Wednesday April 14, 2021 5:48 PM

The prosecution asked the Constitutional Court to continue to exclude Toni Cantó and Agustín Conde from Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s electoral list for the next regional elections in Madrid, which will be held on Tuesday, May 4.

The former citizens’ deputy in the Valencian courts was listed as the president’s number five, but Madrid’s number 5 contentious administrative court refused this option, considering that he had not registered on time. The same happened to the former mayor of Toledo, ranked 23rd on the popular lists.

Both appreciated judicial bodies are “currently” registered in the Community, but this “does not“ in itself ”confer on them the right to be eligible for election to its Legislative Assembly”. In addition, the court indicated that they had been registered “after the closure of the current electoral list (January 1, 2021) and before the presentation of the candidacy in which they were integrated”. Toni Cantó was recorded on March 22, while Agustín Conde did it four days later, on March 26.

As a result, the People’s Party submitted a letter to the Constitutional Court to reverse the situation, which was accepted due to its “constitutional significance”. However, the prosecution questions the appeal of the PP. According to sources consulted by LaSexta, the constitutional body will communicate its deliberation this Friday.

“I don’t need anyone to guarantee me anything”

A few hours after leaving Ayuso’s list by court order, Toni Cantó assured that for him “the important thing was to campaign for the elections” and that “being on the list or not is secondary”. At that point, he attacked Sánchez and Iglesias harshly: “I will continue to organize rallies and campaigns so that the Community of Madrid continues to be chaired by a very great president and not by the worst leader in the world.” And he said: “It’s the Community of Madrid, it’s not Venezuela.”

In the same vein, Isabel Díaz Ayuso said that “due to a bureaucratic problem a campaign does not change. Citizens will understand that there is a disparity in the criteria. In 48 hours they will say what to do “. On what would happen if the decision to impeach Toni Cantó was confirmed, he claimed “to have alternatives”, but added: “Cantó must count on me, and me on him. He is a person who surprised me. for the best.”

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