The prosecution files a complaint against Rocío Monasterio for forgery of documentary

Publication: Monday, May 10, 2021 10:12 PM

The Madrid public prosecutor’s office will file a complaint against Vox’s spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, for an alleged crime of forgery of documentary for the alleged forgery of a work visa from the Association of Surveyors of Madrid. Tax sources have confirmed the presentation of this complaint, advanced by El Mundo, following the investigation it carried out last year after a complaint filed by Más Madrid.

The public prosecutor lodged a complaint with the civil and criminal chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, given the wealth enjoyed by the monastery due to its status as an autonomous deputy.

Plus Madrid denounced that Monasterio had processed in 2011 and 2016 licenses with a forged College of Surveyors visa, as it dated from 2005 and corresponded to the project to reform a loft owned by presenter Arturo Valls and approved by another person.

Más Madrid adviser José Manuel Calvo – now at Recupera Madrid – recalled before filing a complaint that the alleged crimes that occurred before 2016 would have prescribed, but not the one he allegedly committed that year by applying for a license with a photocopy of the 2005 visa.

After hearing the presentation of the complaint, Más Madrid stressed that it was “good news” which confirms that the indications that it was an “irregular practice” were “clear”, despite “the lack of political will of the Community and the city council to study the subject and find out the truth.” He hoped that “the court case will go to the end and that the responsibilities will also be assumed by the political sphere”.

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