The prosecution will assess the “veracity and spontaneity” of the tax regularization of the king emeritus and will continue to investigate


Publication: Friday, December 11, 2020 2:46 PM

The prosecution will assess the scope of the King Emeritus’ tax declaration as part of a larger investigation. This was decided and communicated after the meeting held by the investigating prosecutors.

The prosecution, they underline, will assess the scope of the fiscal regularization that Juan Carlos I carried out on December 9, “its spontaneity, its veracity and its completeness, within the framework of a broader investigation which will continue to be carried out by the floor. of the Supreme Court.

Juan Carlos I paid € 678,393.72 to the Treasury, including interest and surcharges on the tax debt he had with the Treasury for the use of “Royal black” cards. The income took place without prior requirement, so the tax administration had not opened any file in this regard.

Last Monday, it was made public that a legal team of the King Emeritus had met with the Public Treasury to transfer a proposal for tax regularization of the opaque income that it used between 2016 and 2018, years when it was no longer inviolable, and that they were in command of a Mexican businessman.

The owner of the accounts that paid for hotels, travel and restaurants, among others, is the Mexican Allen Sangines-Krause and the emeritus disposed of this money through a figurehead, Colonel de the air force, Nicolás Murga Mendoza, according to Anticorrupción. .

According to “El Confidencial”, not only the former head of state had these funds, but also other members of his family. Her two grandchildren, Froilán and Victoria Federica, made big expenses with the opaque cards to pay for Uber trips, purchases in El Corte Inglés and even piano lessons. Some funds that the infantas Cristina and Elena would also have used.

The King Emeritus has two other cases open to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office: the investigation into the alleged recovery of illegal commissions for the work of the AVE in Mecca in 2014 (still inviolable) and that related to companies in tax havens.

The regularized money has nothing to do with the sums available to the former head of state in Switzerland, where in 2008 he received a gift from the King of Saudi Arabia at the time of $ 100 million ( 65 million euros). In 2012, he emptied these accounts and donated the money to his lover Corinna Larsen.

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