The prosecutor’s harsh questioning of the rape victim from the ‘Manada de Sabadell’: “Are you sure?”

Updated: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 4:59 PM

Published on: 04/06/2021 16:57

The prosecutor subjected the victim of multiple rape in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 2019 to an incisive interrogation, marked by constant interruptions, during which he urged her to corroborate all the details of her complaint by questioning several times : “¿¿Are you sure about that? “

The representative of the prosecution raised it this Tuesday before the Barcelona court during the first session of the trial against four of the six alleged attackers, for whom he is asking for sentences of between 37 and 41 and a half years in prison for sexuality. aggression with penetration, one of them as the perpetrator and the three others as accomplices or cooperators necessary not to avoid it.

The events date back to the early morning hours of February 2-3, 2019 when the victim, then 18, was approached by a man who could not be identified on leaving a leisure facility in Sabadell, who seized she by the neck, put her against the wall and sexually assaulted her, as she herself reported to the court.

According to the young woman, the attacker was part of a group of boys who harassed her with a friend in a bar in the municipality: “His own presence was already a constraint.”

Then, the attacker took her against her will to an abandoned warehouse, a former bank branch occupied by homeless people, and inside which were the four defendants and a fifth on the run, all of Moroccan nationality. .

“I was constantly trying to ask for help because when I was getting stronger and stronger, I couldn’t face him. I was afraid for my life ”, declared the victim, who declared himself protected by a screen, but whose name and last name it was revealed several times by the president of the chamber.

Once on the ship, she continued, the six strangers started arguing as she was “glued to the wall, cornered, crying a lot and shaking a lot” to the point that she couldn’t help but to urinate out of “fear”. “I could not run away (…) I cried a lot, I trembled a lot and I begged to be left, that I would not say anything”, he detailed before adding: “I did not know s ‘they were going to kill me. “

However, his heart-wrenching testimony did not prevent the prosecutor from questioning certain details of his story and asking him, for example, “how did he know” that his attackers were arguing that if he did not understand the language in which they spoke, that if “now she is clear” the participation of one of them in the events or if she remembers that they “ejaculated” in her.

At one point, after insisting on whether she was “sure” of what she was saying, the prosecutor asked her to clarify what she meant by being forced to have “violent” sex, despite the fact that she had previously explained that she went the ship against her will and that once inside they grabbed her by the body and face to rape her and force her to give blowjobs. “How does this event end?” The prosecutor snapped sharply when the victim, her voice choked with tears, detailed how she was raped.

The severe interrogation to which the young woman was subjected was further aggravated by the lawyer for the main defendant, who came to ask her if she did not remember having had “consensual relations” with the defendants or why she did not. had not done. “howl” or “ring a bell” while being led to the ship.

“I was afraid”, defended the victim shortly before the court, which hardly intervened in these interrogations, interrupted the lawyer considering that the question “does not bring anything”.

As the young woman continued, once on the ship, the first assailant took her to a cabin where he raped her and forced her to have team sex with two other men, one of whom was one is on trial and the other who escaped when he was released before the incriminating toxicology reports became known.

The victim only managed to escape half-naked when she was finally driven out of the ship, at which point she took the opportunity to run to a garage from which a vehicle was leaving and whose occupants took her to the local police.

For these facts, for which nine suspects were initially investigated, the prosecution also requests the payment of compensation of 60,000 euros to the victim, to whom he asks that the attackers cannot approach them. less than a kilometer, and proposes to commute a part of imprisonment for deportation from the country.

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