The PSC is studying to appeal the postponement of the Catalan elections to the courts

Publication: Saturday January 16, 2021 4:01 PM

The first deputy secretary of the PSC and spokesperson for the Socialists in Parliament, Eva Granados, said on Saturday that since the training, they “are studying” the advisability of appealing the government decree postponing the Catalan elections from February 14 to May 30.

In an interview with ‘Rac1’, he preferred not to comment on this possibility yet, saying that it was necessary “to read the decree well because sometimes with three words one can say a lot of things”. However, he opposed the postponement of the elections until May.

“What we cannot normalize is that there are elections and the government decides to cancel them, and takes a decree that says we will call them when we do well,” Granados denounced, adding: “We could decide to suspend democracy until the pandemic subsides, because by the time we enter a pandemic, all movement and social displacement carries a risk.”

In addition, it has spoiled the government to justify that the reason for the postponement rests on epidemiological and health criteria when it is “obvious that this is not the case”. According to her, the PSC did not adopt any political, partisan or electoral tactics because the elections were already called: “We did not move anything”.

A position that the Catalan government did not like at all, as stated by Bernat Solé, Catalan Minister of Foreign Affairs, also in statements to ‘Rac1’: “He cannot be only a Minister of Health says in the morning that the data the epidemiological problems are very serious and in the afternoon, while he is a candidate for the CPS, he accepts to hold the elections.

ERC candidate in Girona, Councilor Teresa Jordà, expressed the same line. She believes that the position of the PSC in the debate on the postponement of the elections explains “its priorities.” The fact that the party of the Minister of Health – in reference to Salvador Illa – did not join the consensus of the party table explains what his priorities are, “Jordà said.

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