The PSC will present a consensus proposal to determine the date of the Catalan elections unanimously

Publication: Thursday January 14, 2021 19:21

Faced with the confusion around the Catalan elections, the PSC moves the tab and will present this Friday a proposal that will seek to achieve unanimity to find a new date for the Catalan elections.

The proposal comes after the clash between the government and the government of Catalonia for the possible date. The government asked Minister Illa to speak personally, while Ábalos claimed in Al Rojo Vivo that a change would affect democratic functioning. “It does not seem fair to us that reconsiderations are made even by understanding the gravity of the situation”, declared the minister, arguing that “nobody assures us that we will be better or worse by this date”.

And it is that before this decision of the PSC, the Socialists were the only ones to defend themselves to maintain February 14 as the date of the elections. For its part, the regional government is inclined to postpone them beyond Easter. The controversy between these two parties supposes a crossing of accusations in both directions, since of the Socialists they consider that the position of the government responds to electoral goals, and of the government they consider that the position of the CPS responds to what they consider. that to hold the elections soon This is fine with them due to the recent announcement of Illa’s candidacy.

Ciudadanos candidate Carlos Carrizosa has chosen to postpone the 14F and believes they could be held in two or three months: “I don’t want to vote while people are dying in hospitals,” he explained .

From the communes, Jéssica Albiach addressed a letter to all the parties in which she said that it was “common sense” to postpone the elections and proposed to hold them in May at the latest. In the same vein, the CUP has defended itself in recent days from delaying the 14F “because of responsibility and common sense” in the face of the health situation.

The PP has not spoken because it prefers to wait to know “all the information” that the technicians provide on the pandemic to know how it will affect the right to vote and thus be able to decide on the postponement of the elections or not.

The Central Election Commission considers it “viable” to postpone the regional elections of February 14 in Catalonia, as happened previously in Galicia and the Basque Country, which invoked public health reasons in their decisions, argument ” coherent “to be” force majeure “to justify it.

Fernando Simón, questioned on the matter, also argued that “there is still room” to assess the possibility of delaying the date. “Obviously, this type of decision cannot be taken in two or three days, but there is still a margin to be able to assess the situation in Catalonia with a sufficient margin”, he said.

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