The PSOE asks the Bureau to investigate the inclusion of another candidate on the PP list

The PSOE denounced to the Electoral Council another candidate from the PP list for the May 4 elections. It is “number 56” in the list of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Ana Vanesa Torrente.

Socialists are calling for his registration to be investigated as he had a “recent administrative quarter” with Murcia, where he held many posts in the self-government, such as Secretary General of the Ministry of the Presidency and of Justice of the Government of Murcia, and Secretary General of Legal Services.

The decision comes a day after justice ordered the expulsion of Toni Cantó and Agustín Conde from the PP list in Madrid, considering that they are “ineligible” because they were registered after the deadline. The same would happen, argues the PSOE, with Torrente.

In their letter, they detail that the candidate has presented, as supporting documents for meeting the requirements for the presentation of the candidacy, a DNI where he appears to be domiciled in the Community of Madrid “issued on March 29, 2021, which has a date of valid until March 29, 2031. “

Having practiced in Murcia, they understand that “said documentation does not prove the existence of an administrative district in the Community of Madrid before January 1, 2021, the closing date of the census for the electoral process called, which would grant the status of elector, and therefore eligible elements, without highlighting credible elements, were added which could prove such a condition “.

If said “neighborhood” is neither proven nor corrected, the PSOE considers that “this should lead to her exclusion as a candidate, in the same way which was judicially agreed with regard to the other two candidates in the same situation “.

The PP rejects the expulsion of Cantó y Conde before the Constitutional Court

Just a day after learning that the two candidates were “ineligible”, the popular argued in an appeal to the Constitutional Court that there was no obligation to register before the census closed.

For her part, the PP leader in Madrid argued that a campaign “does not change due to a bureaucratic problem” and has already argued that she has “alternatives” if the High Court ruling is contrary. to the expectations of his party.

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