The PSOE extends its advantage over the PP with 28.6% of the vote after the government reshuffle

Updated: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 11:52

Posted: 21.07.2021 11:50

The PSOE extends its electoral advantage over the People’s Party by 5.2 points, according to the latest CIS barometer in July, positioning itself as the most voted force ahead of a hypothetical general election.

Thus, according to the poll, the Socialists would get 28.6% of the vote, 1.2 points more than last month. Thus, the investigation would expose the government’s resistance to the controversy over the pardons of the trial, as the poll was carried out shortly after the approval of the pardon measure by the Council of Ministers.

Concretely, the survey was carried out between July 2 and July 15, shortly before the profound overhaul of the executive promoted by Pedro Sánchez among the socialist ministers of the coalition government with Podemos. Thus, the distance with the PP of Pablo Casado increases to 5.2 points of difference, against 3.5 last month.

The popular obtained 23.4% of the votes in the survey, followed by Vox, which climbed to third position with 13.6% (+0.6 point); then by United We Can, which got 10.6% (in June, it had 12%), and finally Ciudadanos, which fell by two tenths to 5.5%.

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