The PSOE will not ask for or support the appearance of Pablo Casado in the investigation into the “ kitchen ”

Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 6:19 PM

The PSOE does not want or support that the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, be summoned to testify before the commission of inquiry into “Operation Kitchen”. A commission that was promoted by the PSOE and United We Can to clarify the alleged expionage to the ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas.

In this way, the Socialists distance themselves from their government partners, United We Can, who demanded the appearance of the current PP president, Casado, along with that of former president Mariano Rajoy, among others. It remains to be seen whether Rajoy and Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo’s requests to appear will be accepted.

“Those who had knowledge or who participated in this operation should appear. Cospedal, Fernández Díaz and Mariano Rajoy who, according to all indications, also knew it”, continued Pablo Echenique. Podemos spokesman in Congress also defended that the current PP leadership should give explanations to the commission: “If today Pablo Casado is party president and opposition leader, it is because he was elected with the votes of Dolores de Cospedal (in the primaries) and she is now at the center of this very serious attack on our democratic system. “

On October 1, the plenary session of Congress approved the initiative of the two government partners to establish the parliamentary commission of inquiry, but since then this commission has not been formed, so work has not started either. .

Already in 2017, the possible appearance of Villarejo in a congressional commission of inquiry into the so-called “patriotic police” sparked controversy and aroused criticism from Podemos to the PSOE. The party led by Pablo Iglesias then accused the PSOE of “blocking” Villarejo’s appearance, while defending his refusal (in the same spirit as the PP), claiming that “the state sewers do not mark the country agenda “.

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