The Putin Biden summit will take place next month in Switzerland: the Putin Biden summit will be held on June 16 in Geneva

The United States and Russia have finally set the final date for the summit. US President Joe Biden will hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16. White Hais said that during this period there will likely be discussions on a number of issues between the two countries. It is believed that this meeting will slow the ongoing disputes between the United States and Russia.

US and Russian President to meet after three years
White House spokeswoman Jane Saki said in a statement that the two leaders will discuss key issues in detail. We want to restore the stability of US-Russian relations. A White House spokesperson did not disclose the location of the host city. Three years ago, Putin met then-US President Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland.

What did Russia say about the summit?
The Kremlin said in its statement that we intend to discuss the prospects for further development of Russian-American relations, issues of strategic stability, as well as international agendas and topical issues. It also includes discussions on solidarity against the coronavirus epidemic and the settlement of regional conflicts.

US-Russian decision at NSA meeting
This long-awaited meeting which will take place during the first trip abroad after taking office of Biden. US President Joe Biden has sent his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, to Geneva to meet with his Russian counterpart this week to set a date. Meanwhile, a framework has been prepared for Putin and Biden’s reunion.

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