the queen presides over the act and no one comes to greet her

Publication: Monday April 12, 2021 4:40 PM

The Congress of Deputies celebrated a tribute to the militant and republican Clara Campoamor, who was one of the first Spanish deputies in history after obtaining representation in 1931. This act was chaired by Queen Letizia and, in its development, left an anecdote: a protocol error occurred on arrival and no one received it.

In the video you can see how the official vehicle arrives and from there Doña Letizia gets off. As he walked to the entrance and greeted reporters, he glanced at the door, but no one was there. After standing at the door and continuing to greet the press, the ushers came out. Moments later, the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, stepped out; the President of the Senate, Pilar Llop; and Vice-President Carmen Calvo, now yes, to receive it.

The law served to honor the parliamentarian and to announce that the executive will relaunch the Clara Campoamor award, a recognition to recognize women with exceptional careers for their work on equality. This prize was born in 2006 to reward research studies on the presence of women in political life. However, his last call was in 2009.

Meritxell Batet, in turn, thanked the Queen for her participation in the event: “The presence today of Her Majesty the Queen is the best example of the fundamental and shared character of the value of equality between men and women and the need to support and defend them vis-à-vis institutions, starting with this house. It is also a sign that constitutional values ​​demand and need to unite their wills, to integrate positions and to assume their importance and their defense in the face of political pluralism and partisan confrontation. Thank you very much, Madam, for having accepted to preside over this celebration. “

During her appearance, the vice-president assured that “Mrs. Clara Campoamor understood that democracy in our country should include us all”. Meritxell Batet, for her part, argued that “with its defense of universal suffrage, the Spanish democratic parliament was truly born”.

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