The Randstad Foundation arrives in the Basque Country to improve the employability of people with disabilities

The Randstad Foundation arrives in the Basque Country to improve the employability of people with disabilities

The Randstad Foundation has opened a new delegation in Bilbao, with the aim of increasing the services it offers in the Basque Country, working for the employment of people with disabilities and supporting companies in their projects for equality. opportunities in the Basque Country.

The main objective of the new delegation of the Randstad Foundation will be the integration into the labor market of professionals with disabilities, starting from the conviction that this is the best way to contribute to their integration and their well-being.

For Jess Echevarra, President of the Randstad Foundation and CEO Randstad Iberia & Latam, “this new step is really strategic for our work, since it allows us to know in situ the reality of both professionals with disabilities and companies. , in order to offer them solutions that are more suited to your needs ”.

One of the initiatives that will be launched will be the Integrated Project, a program that aims to train, promote autonomy and facilitate the best employment options through the management of job vacancies. Thus, professionals with disabilities are offered socio-professional integration pathways based on four pillars: information, guidance, advice and training.

Likewise, the Randstad Foundation works at the service of all companies seeking to develop inclusion and diversity policies. Many companies often ignore the talent that these professionals can offer.

In addition, the foundation also encourages public-private collaboration to be able to tackle projects that result in the improvement of conditions and opportunities for people with disabilities in the Basque Country.

In fact, the Randstad Foundation has launched similar projects with great success in communities such as Andalusia, the Valencian Community or the Canary Islands.

Bilbao, a strategic point for the Randstad Foundation

The city of Bilbao has been chosen to host the new delegation of the Randstad Foundation, located calle de Aragn, number 2, planta, 2; for its developed business fabric, in addition to its solid public-private collaboration network.

According to the latest data from the INE, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities in the Basque Country is 16.5%, the lowest at the national level, far from the national average, located at 25.2% of the average of the ‘State.

In 2020, the Lanbide-Basque Employment Service’s support for people with disabilities amounted to 55.6 million euros, a figure that will increase by 9% in 2021 to 60.6 million.

But the outbreak of the pandemic affected the employment situation of people with disabilities in particular. A report from the Randstad Foundation warns that professionals with disabilities in the Basque Country have seen their hiring fall by 24.9% since 2019.

Fundacin Randstad arrives in the Autonomous Region with the commitment to improve the employability of this group of professionals in order that the hiring adapts to the talent offered by these people.

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