The ranking of ‘Best Law Offices to Work’ is published by Great Place to Work®

The ranking of ‘Best Law Offices to Work’ is published by Great Place to Work®

Before the pandemic, law firms were already faced with an unavoidable challenge: to become more attractive as employers and to have the brightest professionals. From now on, digitization, innovation and the war for talents constitute a fundamental axis for the activity of law firms.

The legal profession, with centuries of history, is no longer foreign to this process of cultural transformation that certain firms have already put on the table. Culture is and will be a competitive advantage so that the legal sector can cope with more disruptive business models.

This forced adaptation to change is compounded by fierce competition in the market to attract top talent. The main asset of a law firm is the human capital, excellence and quality of service residing, after all, in the professionals who provide such service.

And if until a few years ago, companies considered remuneration as one of their main claims to attract the best professionals, with the prestige of the brand or of the customers, today concepts such as teleworking appear on the board. , especially among the millennial generation, physical and mental well-being, conciliation, flexibility, etc.

After the COVID-19 crisis, many companies worried about improving the working conditions of their employees.

How to accredit these firms which really orient their management towards people and results?

How to reach young people entering the labor market for the first time?

In response to all these questions, Great Place to Work®, an international benchmark in senior management consulting and cultural transformation, presents, with GERICÓ, MURO & ASOCIADOS, the largest consulting firm in legal marketing, legal communication and development of business in Spain, the new Best Legal Workplaces 2021 ranking for law firms

lawyers located in Spain to promote law firms as the best employer brands and to recognize the impact of their global people management on business results.

Great Place to Work®, which has worked for 30 years in more than 60 countries and with more than 12,000 companies around the world, has found that betting on improving the work experience for employees always comes down to getting better results.

The assessment criteria of this new Legal Classification, through its own and specialized methodology, are a diagnosis adapted to the perception of employees in their workplace through the Trust Index © measure and a specific assessment of the management culture of people (Cuture Brief ©).

The launch of the Ranking will be limited exclusively to law firms. Law firms participating in the Best Workplaces Legal 2021 Ranking must have at least 10 employees and at least 1 year of seniority.

According to Nicolás Ramilo, CEO of Great Place to Work® Spain: “ We believe, in this current context, that this new ranking for law firms is a response to the crisis we are facing, and an excellent opportunity to support and promote the legal sector in the creation of Great Workplaces, and thus obtain better commercial results and a more engaged and satisfied team. ”

According to Alfonso Everlet, partner at GERICÓ, MURO & ASOCIADOS and responsible for attracting talent for law firms: “ Great Place to Work® is a magnificent visibility tool, not only for young talents, but also for talents who envision a change, which they combine with cultural transformation actions that become the ideal lever to boost the recruitment of talents, a fundamental pillar of the company ”.

The registration period is already open until February 1, 2021 and the results will be published on March 11, 2021. Participants in the ranking will have access to an analysis report of good practices.

In order to receive more information on how to participate, companies can contact Great Place to Work® through the Best Workplaces Legal ranking.

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