The ranking of the most talented young people to lead the country, according to Nova Talent

Spain already has its 111 brightest, best trained and most capable young people under 35 to lead the country’s future. They were identified by Nova Talent, the global network that connects people with high potential. With its initiative “The Nova 111 List”, the company has succeeded in recognizing the top 10 talents in each of the 11 most important sectors of the economy: Technology; Health and life sciences; Politics and the public sector; Strategic consultant; Entrepreneurship and startups; Legal services; Finance and investment; Engineer and energy; Social impact; Telecommunications and media; and retail and marketing.

In addition to these 110 selected, Nova Talent awarded a special mention as SperNova of the year to Leire Larracoechea, lawyer and executive director of the Pro Bono Foundation, whose organization showcases her talent with mastery of several verticals. , its brilliant preparation and its trajectory with social impact, the goal of which is to contribute to a better world.

1,625 young people with an average age of 29 years, very high preparation and a very relevant professional trajectory, despite their youth, submitted to the call. Most are active and reside in Madrid and Barcelona and, to a lesser extent, Valencia and Seville. But there were also applications from young residents of London, Luxembourg, Chicago, Munich, Paris, Stockholm and Malm. Of the 111 laureates, the vast majority speak several languages ​​fluently and have a background in universities abroad – in addition to Spanish – among which Harvard stands out.

The verticals with the most educated young people and the highest academic qualifications were health and life sciences; Strategic consultant; Entrepreneurship and finance and investment. Precisely, the latter was the sector that received the most applications to be part of Nova 111, followed by the health sector and the sector of sales, marketing and advertising. The only regret of the Nova team is that only three in ten applicants were women, which led to a higher proportion of men among the winners.

Professional jury

The appeal jury was made up of executives from Nova Talent and had the collaboration of professionals from Novartis, Ashoka, JobandTalent, Bain & Company and Fever. From Nova Talent, they are pleasantly surprised by the qualification of the profiles. “Most of them have very high potential and many have been eligible in various verticals. The jury had to work hard to identify the winners from among all the candidates and specifically assess each entry, ”explains Ramn Rodrurez, COO and co-founder of Nova Talent.

Rodrinez valued Nova 111’s motivating goal: to find, empower and connect the brightest young people in Spain to lead a more just and productive society. Through a one-year race acceleration program, Nova will accompany the 111 winners to help them reach their full potential. This program will focus on networking and connecting among the winners, with a personal growth and productivity improvement program led by Selfmastered and accompanied by a professional coach.

Next May, those selected on the 111 Nova list will receive public recognition at an awards ceremony, during which they will be able to network and come into direct contact with the leaders of the main companies in their respective sectors, as well as than with the jury. For their part, the finalists who have not been selected to be part of the final list will receive a nomination to be part of the Nova network.

“The Nova 111 List” has already started its international expansion and the Spanish Nova 111 will be followed by Sweden and Italy. In 2022, it will be the turn of other European countries.

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