The rebound in incidence forces nightlife to be limited to several communities

Posted: Sunday July 04, 2021 2:13 PM

Several autonomous communities are rethinking their de-escalation measures after the frantic rise in the incidence among young people. In Pamplona we were able to see images of long queues to get a PCR, a massive screening among the students who traveled to Salou. This Saturday, these tests gave 168 positives among the 331 that were carried out.

The rebound in infections among young people after epidemics like the one in Mallorca can endanger the summer, but also the gatherings of family and friends. The high incidence in Catalonia, in particular among young people, more than a thousand cases among the twenty-year-olds, has favored the closure of certain discotheques on a voluntary basis.

In one of the best known in Mataró, they bought 2,000 antigen tests for their customers and employees. The test is included with the ticket, ensuring safe recreation. The pack costs 20 euros and includes entry, drink and the COVID test.

It is the first room to adopt this security measure after the inability to control young people at a certain time of the night, but they are the only solution to street parties. Everyone thirsts for the ticket to the longed-for normality, although there are discotheques which, with the current epidemiological situation, have decided to close until further notice. And it is that the sector is committed to prudence and security.

This is how an atypical new San Fermín will be experienced

The epidemiological situation in Navarre is complicated three days from San Fermín. Its incidence is three times higher than seven days ago. Second year in a row that there will be no chupinazo, confinements or party atmosphere; In addition, it is recalled that last year there were several outbreaks due to the arrival of this date.

In some restaurants, they have full capacity. According to the latest regional regulations, the capacity of bars and restaurants indoors is increased to 60%. Also its closing until one in the morning, with the tables can be groups of six inside and 10 outside.

In nightlife venues everyone should be seated. There will be no dance floor, but there will be extended hours until 4:00 a.m. (until 1:00 a.m. in the case of peñas).

A year during which, unlike in the past, it will be possible to travel from other communities, which worries some traders. For this reason, the authorities are sending a message of caution and responsibility. In order to avoid any risky situation, the Town Hall has organized a police system for the 6th and 7th grades.

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