The recap of the week, the latest news from Windows 10 and Xbox

One more week we arrived a little late for the weekly recap, however, we did not miss our appointment to tell you which ones are the most interesting. As you already know, this could be considered a condensed 10 minute podcast. Something complicated in which little by little it will improve.

What’s new in Windows 10 and Halo and Perfect Dark on Xbox

This week, the most shocking news for the future has been easy to choose. On the one hand, in Windows 10 we have 64-bit app emulation in ARM. A feature that can facilitate the future of Windows 10 ARM. The first draft is coming and we had to talk about it.

On the other hand, with the latest version of Windows 10, 21277, a new animation is coming to the apps. Additionally, unnecessary folders are removed from the Start menu. Small but very interesting fixes for the future of Windows 10 and the Sun Valley update.

Finally, we are talking about Xbox. The Xbox Series X | S has issues with Quick Resume and Microsoft is already working to resolve it, but there has been some other interesting news as well.

Halo Infinite is delayed until fall 2021 and they’ve given us a little head start to make the wait more bearable. It looks like the multiplayer theme will look great. Hopefully this time is enough to give it an extra touch of quality.

We ended up talking about Rare, the British studio has created the “best games” like Golden Eye. However, at Microsoft, his work had been quiet. Now they can help The Initiative, the study founded by Microsoft which is already working on a restart of the saga with Johanna Dark. Perfect Dark is back and we just need to know when it arrives on our consoles.

The trailer looks great, and it looks like The Initiative will deliver realistic styling in its gameplay. A statement of intent to compete with the great stories of Play Station.

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