“The recruitment of talent had to take a 360-degree turn”

Interview. Roco Rodrguez, Associate Director of Talent Attraction and Acquisition at EY: “Talent recruitment has had to take a 360-degree turn”

We spoke with the director of the EY Talent Attraction and Retention area, who explained the latest trends in talent acquisition: “We have gone from some face to face actions and now all job fairs are virtual, all the workshops are virtual, the lessons are virtual .. “

BY RRHHDigital, 00:21 – 04 November 2020

Like every other aspect of our lives, the coronavirus has also transformed the way companies recruit talent. Goodbye face-to-face activities and now everything is done online and remotely: interviews, dynamics, exhibitions, courses …

That’s why we spoke to Roco Rodríguez, Associate Director of Talent Attraction and Acquisition at EY, to talk to us about new trends in talent recruitment. “We have gone from some face-to-face actions and now all the job fairs are virtual, all the workshops are virtual, the courses are virtual … What we cannot do is pass from a face-to-face format to trying to do the same in a virtual way What you have to do is adapt the formats and methodologies, ”he explains.

In addition, in the professional services business, a large part of the selection process is done through games. “Above all, what has changed is that everything is done in a fun way, through games, in a much more fun way. At EY, the selection process has always been a lot of fun but even more fun now, ”explains our interviewee.

Roco Rodríguez is Director of the Attraction and Talent Acquisition division of EY, a company to which she has belonged for almost seven years. Previously, she was HR Supervisor at Deloitte, HR Technician at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Head of Training at Blockbuster and Recruitment Technician at Andersen. As his experience tells, Roco has been in the people and talent management industry for over twenty years.

She graduated in psychology from the Universidad Autnoma de Madrid and an Executive Master in human resources from the Garrigues study center.

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