“The relationship between talent and sustainability is increasingly linked in companies”

David Prez Pieiro, VP of People, Sustainability and Public Affairs at Cabify, at Coffee Break: “The relationship between talent and sustainability is increasingly linked in companies”

Last week, on the Pause Café TV show, we talked about corporate sustainability, a concept that is on the agenda in organizations with a vision for the future. To analyze this corporate commitment to the environment, we took “A Coffee With…” David Prez Pieiro, Vice President of People, Sustainability and Public Affairs at Cabify. “Sustainability has a lot to do with the culture of the organization. At Cabify we love to talk about community and continually rethink how we create community and what impact we have on society,” says Prez Pieiro.

From his point of view, he tells us, the concept of sustainability is very broad, it can be understood as an umbrella, metaphorically speaking. In this sense, David highlights several aspects that encompass the concept of corporate sustainability: economic sustainability, social sustainability, environmental sustainability and, of course, sustainability in the innermost part of the business: people management.

And, around this last area, that of people management, David reminds us that there is a direct relationship between talent and sustainability. “The direct relationship between talent and sustainability is increasingly linked. Undoubtedly, there is a direct effect between the concept of sustainability and what we call “conscious consumer / employee”.

Sustainability for Cabify has been essential in their business strategy, in fact, since 2018 they have been committed to reducing the environmental impact and have been the first in the sector to offset all the carbon footprint generated since then. “Cabify’s biggest proposal at the moment is to give maximum clarity to society. We want to offer the most sustainable alternatives for getting around town and which are alternatives that have no impact on the city. environment Electric cars with a recommendation We are committed to becoming zero emissions, and this is our most important project, ”he adds.

Prez Pieiro, in turn, underlines the need for companies to invest in sustainability. “In times of crisis it is good to see that sustainability is interpreted as an investment, not an expense.” And, for those who still have doubts about whether or not to bet on this concept in business, David asks the following question “Ask yourself: I want my business to last a long time?” And I want to have the best in my organization? “

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