The residence of Chief Jaish E Mohammad Masood Azhar is in Pakistan Imran Khan to deal with difficulties within the FATF

Strong points

Jaish Masood Azhar chief is in hiding in Pakistan, Times Now report on Navbharat revealed, Imran’s problems could increase at FATF Islamabad
Pakistan, which is trying to escape the gray list of the FATF, has once again denounced itself. Pakistan has once again been proven to be a haven for terrorism and Masood Azhar, the leader of the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist organization, is in hiding in Pakistan. This was revealed in an exclusive Times Now Navbharat report. According to the report, Masood Azhar lives in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, under whose security Pakistan’s security forces are deployed.

It is now difficult to get out of the FATF gray list
After this revelation, Pakistan’s chances of exiting the FATF became bleaker. This report shows that Pakistan feeds terrorism instead of acting on it. He hid the international terrorist Masood Azhar with him. Pakistan suffered a loss of around $ 38 billion (Rs 27,52,76,18,00,000) due to its inclusion in the FATF gray list.
Where is the master of terror Masood Azhar hiding in Pakistan? ‘Times Now Navbharat’ has reached the destination
Big loss for Pakistan
This global agency, which monitors terrorist financing, placed Pakistan on the gray list in 2008 itself. The Islamabad-based independent think tank named Tadalab argued in its research paper that Pakistan must pay the price for global politics. The transfer said in its report that due to Pakistan’s gray listing from 2008 to 2019, there was a loss of GDP of $ 38 billion.

Masood Azhar has two hiding places in Pakistan
Masood Azhar remains safe in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. One of his hiding places is near Osman-o-Ali Mosque in Bahawalpur and the other in Jamia Masjid, Subhan Allah. According to the report, armed security guards are deployed in the security of the terrorist’s home. Barricades were also made around the house. India’s greatest enemy is living under the nose of the Pakistani government with full arrangements.

India to raise issue at global forum
After the disclosure of Times Now Navbharat, Home Secretary Ajay Mishra said on Sunday that after the channel’s disclosure, India’s fight against terrorism would be stepped up. The government will take the matter up at the global forum. He appreciated the channel’s disclosure. BJP MP Rakesh Sinha said the revelation exposed Pakistan. Eventually, the truth of Imran Khan appeared in front of everyone. He also asked to raise this issue with other countries at the United Nations.

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